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April 19, 2020

#474 How to develop your inner circle

#474 How to develop your inner circle

Social media generates followers, "friends," and connections, but I've never thought about developing an inner circle. I thought inner circles were for the Oprah's, Tyler Perry's, and Warren Buffet's of this world.

Melissa Burrow author of "Chasing Bentleys: The power of accountability in achieving your goals" (get the book) designed a powerful checklist on building powerful connections and developing your Inner Circle.

  1. Motivational or Inspirational Leaders: These help you see & leverage your strengths.
  2. Loyalty Leaders (ride or die): They stand up for you and praise you to everyone they know.
  3. Connectors: They connect with you and share their connections with you who share similar interests and goals.
  4. Collaborators: These are the ones you spend the most time with collaborating.
  5. High Energy Captains: These are your boosters. They cheer you up.
  6. Creatives: (my favorite) They stretch your view point and introduce you to new ideas, opportunities, and culture.
  7. Navigators: They offer you guidance and talk you through your options.
  8. Companions: Your 1rst responders. The first ones you call good or bad. They are always there for you.

This is a super list to begin distancing yourself from those who drain you and connecting with those who empower you.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life no matter what. Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

Thank you to Mike the CarGuy for sending me Melissa's book. Thank you Ms. Burrow for being a part of my Inner Circle.

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