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March 4, 2020

#443 "Dear You, I'm not going anywhere!" Love, Resistance


I knew if would happen. In 22 years of sales, it never goes away.

The "slick spot." The place where you're rolling along in life and the wheels wobble and eventually come off.

After a great run of success, the slick spot shook up my self-confidence and loaded me up with self-doubt. That's when I came across Benjamin Hardy's blog post You miss every shot you don't take and was it ever on time for me.

Slick spots is a way of living in the sales life. Instead of wishing resistance would just go away, see if for what it is and bend it to make it work for you.

Here are today's show nuggets (fries optional):

  • It's impossible to stay defeated or undefeated unless you quit.
  • When you're losing you tend to see everything as a "No." When you're winning everything is a "Yes."
  • "If I fail more than you, I'm winning." Seth Godin
  • There will always be resistance no matter how long you've been doing something.
  • We don't like resistance because resistance makes you feel vulnerable so you tend to shy away from taking risks.
  • Treat resistance like the weight room.
  • When you're rolling, because you can afford a loss, try adding more "weight," take on more risk, and try something new. The good times is when you should take on more, not take on less.
  • When you're not rolling, modify the resistance, not by making it easy, but a way to obtain a win. (Raise and repeat upon winning)
  • Resistance will never go away and you will never get used to it.
  • 5 minutes of hell: The first 5 minutes in anything is torture, but keep going, you'll find your stride.
  • Don't wait for motivation-she's not coming. Motivation always follows the action.
  • Resistance takes courage.
  • Courage is taking on something uncertain of the outcome.
  • Courage is infinitely repeated.
  • It takes courage to be obese and go to the gym. It takes courage to start your blog, vlog, or podcast. It takes courage to make the calls and ask for the sale, but courage is effort repeatedly taken to the gym.
  • Instead of being fearful of your effort being judged, imagine your work as an invisible hand reaching out and connecting with the right people.

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