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Feb. 22, 2020

#441 "My life's not your life."


NBA legend Kobe Bryant said that he couldn't TALK his kids into hard work...he could only show them. If all it took was talking, then we'd all be slim, rich, and happy, right? It doesn't work that way. At 36 years old, Michael Strahan retired as a Super Bowl Champion, Hall of Fame inductee, and unemployed. Although he had wealth, Strahan refused to sit on the beach sipping margaritas. He showed his kids what it was like to still get up every morning and work hard-in spite of his success. He showed them hard work to let them know, "My life is not your life." Under no terms would his children get to lay around and collect the spoils of his success. Just like their father, if they wanted success then they'd have to go out and earn a name for themselves too. * Today's podcast? Whether you are living in privilege or poverty, YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION to ride the backs of other people's accomplishments nor do you have permission to blame away your current disadvantages. You have to create a name for yourself because "My life is not your life...and your life is not my life." * Thanks for being a part of TSL nation. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TicToc, Instagram, and YouTube @marshbuice. Please share the show with others and if you'd leave a REVIEW & RATING it'd help spread the show's message.

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