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Jan. 24, 2020

#435 Spotting & Freeing yourself from Negative Confirmation Bias

#435 Spotting & Freeing yourself from Negative Confirmation Bias
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Confirmation Bias is the tendency to interpret new evidence of confirmation of what you already believe...

For instance, you’re interested in a new model vehicle & begin to see “more” commercials & the same models around town...add to that the color red & your eyes are drawn to all of the same color vehicles.

That’s CB...

But CB can be negative too. Can’t find your keys? You swear Chaz stole your wallet? Only to have someone else step in and find them in the same place you were just looking. That’s Negative CB! & damn does the rut get deeper & deeper when we’re in the negative. You knew the customer wouldn’t buy...you knew the workout program wouldn’t work...you knew you wouldn’t get the promotion...

When you find yourself saying “Oh no...” “I knew it...” “Here we go again...” those are words validating a result that you don’t want. 🔥Today’s episode will enable you to spot negative CB & free you up.🔥🔥Thanks for checking out the show. If you found value, please share, thumb a quick rating, & leave a few positive words of what TSL does for you. It’ll help others find the podcast too. 💪Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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