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Jan. 15, 2020

#433 Taking it to the NEXT LEVEL: Coupling Persistence + Curiosity

#433 Taking it to the NEXT LEVEL: Coupling Persistence + Curiosity

I swear I get something new & different every time I read Brian Grazer’s book, “A Curious Mind...”

In order to go to the next level, you’ll need to couple persistence with curiosity.

Persistence coupled with curiosity is like pairing a fine wine with the perfect dish...

The wine is good..the food is tasty, but the pairing makes the whole meal amazing.

Persistence coupled with curiosity will make your life amazing because “persistence is the vehicle that takes curiosity to worthwhile places.” (Grazer)

But they must be coupled...

Persistence absent of curiosity makes you underperform or overcorrect. You underperform when you quit after the first NO & you overcorrect by force feeding your desires down the other person’s throat.

Salespeople fear coming across pushy so they either let up after the first NO (underperform) or once they reach the threshold of being yelled at for not selling anything, they try to steamroll every customer (overcorrect). The under/over will take you completely out of a job.

Curiosity flying solo isn’t enough either. Think of uncoupled curiosity as sitting in your dream car with no gas or power steering-impossible to steer and going nowhere.

To go to the next level you MUST have persistence coupled with curiosity. You can’t just kick the doors in & muscle your way to where you want to be nor can you just be curious from far away.

Persistence powers; curiosity steers.

Persistence without curiosity leads to burnout. Think about when you first started getting into shape; you were persistent & curious. Excited, you showed up at the same time every day and were curious about all of the available classes, equipment, & exercises...

Along the way, your curiosity wained -you maintained your persistence for a while, but then began to dial it in- forcing yourself to hurry & get it over with.

That’s you miss a day, skip a week, quit for a year & “suddenly” find yourself 100 lbs overweight.

Same thing for your sales career... you lost your curiosity- getting through the day...finish a week...pull out a month...& scratch out another unfulfilled year. In the absence of curiosity, you believe all of the leads are dead, customers are mooches, & the managers are out to get you.

Same thing for your relationship- you’re persistent (“We’re together”), but you’re not interested in what’s going on in one another’s lives.

But let me take you to the next, next level...

Persistence coupled with curiosity unlocks new opportunities & connections...

& because you find your world interesting & intriguing-geeking out every day through exploration and discovery so even when you face the stiff winds of adversity & naysayers, you’re determined to figure it out.

Like a dog on a bone, your steely determination makes you that “go to” guy- the kind of person that people look at your before and after pics...the kind of person that they go to to handle the special cases, projects, & difficult situations...

That determination gives you confidence. You can literally feel others relying on you- as if you’re Paul Bunyan standing up in a kids playhouse... you’re brimming with so much confidence that even when you hit a snag, you learn & keep it moving.

“Confidence is the foundation for ambition ..” (Grazer)

Your ambition is the mark of excellence, power, & fame-the distinction of being a CEO..a boss...a millionaire...& a top producer!

You can’t be ambitious without confidence ...& you can’t be confident without curiosity coupled with persistence.

You want that next level?! That next, next level? Couple it up.

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