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Dec. 8, 2019

#424 Selling The #4 Customer

#424 Selling The #4 Customer

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Think of your results in layers: Layer 1: You fell into a deal Layer 2: The customer wanted your product anyway & they bought it from you. Layer 3: The customer was 50/50 & you did such a good job they said yes. 🔥🔥Layer 4: This is the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE you’ll have in sales. The #4 customer is the “Premeditated No” customer. Before you even get your name out of your mouth they’re telling you NO. This customer is bringing past (negative) experiences, a rigid thought process & slap you with a NO. Most salespeople buy off on the No. The customer hits them right off the bat with a NO & the salesperson lays in with the “I’m supposed to do this” kind of presentation. Affirming the NO they lazily offer a product or service annnnnd (drum roll please) the customer of course says NO. Shocking right? Learn to be a disruptor. Confuse a customer’s NO by presenting as if it’s a YES. The beautiful thing about a Premeditated NO is that you don’t have to wait 2 hours for the punchline... The customer told you NO right off the bat, so anything from here is lagniappe...it becomes a challenge to turn it to a Yes. #4 Customers are your unfair advantage in sales because average salespeople want an easy deal not a difficult challenge. Lean into the No with the right body language, eye contact, relaxed expression, verbiage, & COUNTER MOVES. Yes counter the Premeditated No customer- don’t just pull back with a “I knew you were gonna say NO” anyway mentality. Disrupt their NO by offering Options 2,3,4,& 5...because when they originally said No, they were thinking of say No to one option, but what if you were to offer additional options with the right language (body/verbal)...what would they Yes to? NOTE: The #4 Customers are your specialty customers. These are the customers that bring you incremental deals & because they lack the specialized skills, other salespeople bring you in to help with their #4, which = even more deals! & after you do what you do, even if they still say NO, it’s a win because you developed your skills & techniques farther & deeper. Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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