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Nov. 17, 2019

#418 Why not stay in your comfort zone?

#418 Why not stay in your comfort zone?

From the mountaintops, I’ve always shouted, “Stay out of your comfort zone,” because your comfort zone traditionally was thought of as a source of laziness.

I believed that until now...

NBA legend Michael Jordan said, “People don’t believe me when I say I practice harder than I play, but it’s true because that’s where I created my COMFORT ZONE, so when it came time to play, my body reacted to what I was already doing. I believed I was the best...when I hit the shots, it reinforced that...& when I missed (& you will miss), I DID NOT WAVER because I’d built a nice little cushion of confidence.”

Instead of fighting to stay away from your comfort zone, why not stay in your comfort zone?

Your comfort zone is a setting that you default to without even thinking....

So why not change the setting to change your results?

Instead of fighting to stay away from it...design it to win within it.

Listen in to learn more.

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