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Nov. 1, 2019

#415 Dominate your space

#415 Dominate your space

Zack Babcock ended up serving a 5 year prison sentence for various crimes.

Prison didn’t settle him down...it made him even worse. He was always getting into fights with other inmates and officers.

Even though he acted out, he was hollow inside...

“How can I get peace,” he desperately wondered.

He used the only resource he had...

With only 2 bath towels to his name, he tore one of them into sections and began to “dominate his space...”

furiously cleaning his sink, toilet, & floors in his prison cell.

He couldn’t take back his past...& he couldn’t control what was going on outside of his tiny cell...

But he could take back his life...& it started with a torn bath towel.

There are things in your life you can’t take back...& there are situations & circumstances that are outside of your control...

But you can take back your life & it starts with “dominating your space.”

The area& resources that are directly in front of you & that is within your control.

When you’re on the phone with a customer- no matter how bad your day is going, “dominate your space,” that conveys a tone of upbeat professionalism & understanding.

When you’re working with customers- no matter how terrible your month is, “dominate your space” with the right body language and certainty that you know what the hell you’re doing.

When you’re at a social function or even in a toxic office environment...”dominate your space.”

Yes you’re 100 lbs overweight, “dominate your space” by walking in that gym with a mission to no longer live this way.

Your personal life may be crumbling, but “dominate your space” professionally...

You may have been just passed over or demoted...damn...now “dominate your space” & turn your professional life around make others stand in awe that not only are you back, but exceedingly better than ever.

“Dominate your space...”even if it’s a pinhole of light...DOMINATE.

It’s not about pushing & slapping other people aside...it’s about taking control & influence over what you’ve got and successfully earning your freedom.

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