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Oct. 28, 2019

#414 Be a willing loser

#414 Be a willing loser

I want you to be a loser today...

Don’t stay a loser, but be willing to be a loser.

Every social media feed is pounding you to only be a winner...

But if all you’re trying to do is win...you only pick the sure thing & choose the path of least resistance to get there.

You can’t handle a loss because you were only focused on the win.

You’re not gonna go through life undefeated. Sports teams know this...they want to win the division & be crowned best in the world, but they know they’re going to get rocked with some losses along the way...

You have to learn to lose...so you can learn to win.

Losing has a bad wrap..people run from that word...but losing is just a current status. You may be on an 0-11 streak right now, but you must keep playing the game in order to win again.

Think of losing like playing a game at the State Fair....

You eye that huge stuffed animal and the carnival barker lures you in by saying, “Winner every time.”

Even if all your darts don’t land...even if some of the rings miss the bottle...even if you flip the wrong rubber ducky...

You win...

But it’s a 3 inch rubber lizard instead of that big fluffy bear...

“If you play again you can trade up & get a bigger prize,” he tells you.

But most people walk away... unwilling to keep playing the game of life...

They take their lizards of life accepting narratives such as, “I’m the wrong color,” “I’m from the wrong area,” “I barely finished school...my mom was a drunk..my dad wasn’t around...or I was raised by my grandparents...”

There are more prizes for you in life-HUGE ones- ones you can’t even fathom in your current state of mind...

But you’ve gotta keep playing the game.

And it’ll cost you everything: emotions, effort, time, & commitment.

It’ll always pay...a few in results, but always in experience.

So be a loser today...

Being willing to lose is bold, audacious, & courageous.

Being willing to lose doesn’t make complaining an option...what can you complain about if you took the “L” to begin with?

Complaining has no positive benefit...it only weakens your perspective & effort.

If you accepted the loss going in, you find the challenges & connection instead.

You get hit with a No & compound the losses. Someone says no (& you expected it beforehand, remember?) you lean into the no- seeing it as a challenge giving no way for complaining,...you pull on the thread and find more ways to connect the no with a yes.

Being a willing loser makes you the hunter instead of hunted. People feel hunted in life because they’re trying to shield themselves from further loss.

Not you...be the hunter...be the bull...be a willing loser...& you’ll find the wins.

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