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Sept. 28, 2019

#408 It’s not enough to just be a shooter 🏀

#408 It’s not enough to just be a shooter 🏀

In a clip I came across, Dr. Jordan Peterson said,
🔥”...overshoot continually...because as you overshoot-even if you don’t learn what you should’ve done, you’re going to continually learn what you shouldn’t keep doing...that’ll teach you at the same time what you should be doing...”

It’s not enough to just shoot...

You must overshoot.

New salespeople must overshoot. They must make up in numbers what they lack on skill...it’s in the overshooting that they learn 3x in situational experiences with each encounter.

Even if you’re a veteran at what you do, you must continually overshoot. The biggest downfall for veterans is they shoot (for a bonus or paycheck) but they no longer overshoot for new, higher experiences.

My challenge to you this week: 🔥Don’t shoot for certainty, overshoot for uncertainty...because along the way you learn what you shouldn’t keep doing...& as a bonus you’ll learn what you should do too.

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