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Sept. 14, 2019

#406: Would you give your life to selling? You should...

#406: Would you give your life to selling? You should...

Sounds like an alter call doesn’t it? “Would you give your life to selling?”

You should...

Not as a profession but as a life skill bc you need these skills your entire life-regardless of age, profession, or background.

You’ve got to give your life to selling...not to the profession, but to the skill set of selling.

This episode is for all walks of life. Share this with your students, with your dad who’s given up, or with your kids bc selling is a lifelong skill set & you can use them immediately w/out subscribing to a $9.99 online platform 🙄.

There are 6 keys to the selling: Communicate, Connect, Curiosity, Creativity, Consistency, & Continuity.

Communication: How do you want to be perceived?

Connection: Resonating...on that “He gets me” kind of level.

Curiosity: Success isn’t in the questions, it’s in the answer. Every think, “I don’t know what to say?” That’s the problem, you’re thinking of what to say, instead of just asking. Questions are threads to pull on.

Creativity: Oh you’re creative. We’ve done a whole podcast on this one. You may hear “No” from the world but you’re spelling it wrong. K-N-O-W. Use what you have to advance forward.

Consistency: It’s the show up...”until” is your timeframe. Keep bringing your show. The talented flakes can’t hang bc your ass keeps showing up.

Continuity: Nothing stays the same. If you’re good right now, hard is on the way. If you’re bad, your effort will reach its tipping point & good will pour out. 🔥If the weather, economy, products, & tendencies all change...why are you the same bitter ass 5 yrs later? Stay w/ or in front of change so you never have to react to it again.

This episode is the longest I’ve done, but it’s important that you take these skills and use them once again in your life.

🔥You have all of these skills already, you’re just not using them to reach your full potential.
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