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Aug. 11, 2019

#401 “Excellence is the next 5 minutes...”

#401 “Excellence is the next 5 minutes...”

Tom Peters said that when people hear the word “excellence” they get all twisted up in meaning. “Perfect” ...”Unblemished”...”Model” ...it’s all bs...

“Excellence is the next 5 minutes.” How freeing is that? We beat ourselves up bc we look at ourselves & our current situation & give up bc we think we’ll never fit into our mental mold of excellence 1000 miles down the road.

Excellence is the next 5 minutes: the next email you write..the next convo you have w/ your child...the next action you take with your customer...the next rep you take in the weight room or .10 of a mile you hit on your run...

300 seconds is all it takes to become excellent. Don’t focus on all...focus on next.

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