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June 4, 2019

#389 You know where to find me!

#389 You know where to find me!

Today's episode is deeply personal for me & was a revelation after I read an interview between Howard Stern and Hip Hop's first Billionaire Jay Z, retold in his self titled book, "Howard Stern Comes Again." Jay told Stern of his anger he had with his father who abandoned his wife and children to avenge the death of his brother. At age 12 Jay & his fractured family were left to fight and survive the harsh, crack-filled streets of Brooklyn, NY alone. A month before his father's death, Jay Z & his father reconciled...by then Jay was a worldwide name, but he was still a child inside. In his one chance to tell him everything he'd held inside for decades, Jay unloaded on his father's absence. His father snapped back that he'd been only 15 minutes up the road from Jay the whole time..."You knew where I was...you knew where to find me!"

After a volatile divorce, I've found myself saying the same thing to my son (who I left when he too was 12). I've been only 10 minutes away from him, but might as well be 10 million miles away in his heart. He's hurt, angry, and feels abandoned and rightfully so...because I've been waiting on him to "come around," when it should be me to "come around."

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