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May 31, 2019

#388 You’re Basic

#388 You’re Basic

When David Epstein worked for Sports Illustrated, students would often write him & ask him for advice if they should major in journalism or writing?...Epstein couldn’t answer that question because he majored in Geology & Astronomy. ⭐️ How in the world would those skills enable him to leap past a pool of others waiting to be the next beat writer? ⭐️Oliver Smith wrote, “You’re probably not going to have totally unique skills...& you're probably not going to have totally unique problems...so take your skills & apply them to a problem when those skills aren’t being used or find a new problem & bring them to your skills.” ⭐️ One day (if not today) you may be working in a position, taking classes, or have to hustle between jobs just to make ends meet...doing things that have ZERO to do with where you wished you were heading. You're majoring on a minor path.⭐️ Today’s episode is a reminder that today’s doing may look worthless, but in the tomorrow’s that lay ahead will be priceless.💪

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