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Jan. 18, 2019

#352 Molly's Game pt 2 "Losing your living to gain your Life"

#352 Molly's Game pt 2

Today we're finishing the book, turned movie, "Molly's Game," by Molly Bloom. In episode #351 Molly was making a name for herself. The Who's Who of Hollywood were playing in her ultra-exclusive high-stakes, underground poker game. Molly was living the life-connections, cars, and plenty of cash...Molly had it all until now. In today's episode Molly's life begins to unravel and she finds herself tasting the cold steel of a gun barrel in her mouth. *Tune in today to hear how Molly Bloom lost her living, but gained her life. The story is a reminder to ask yourself, "What's it all for?" & if you know what it's for, can you maintain your authenticity along the way.* Grab a copy of the book and the movie is out now. * Thanks for catching today's show. Share it with a friend and let me know what you think @marshbuice on Twitter.

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