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Jan. 11, 2019

#351 Rise & Grind pt2 "Step Back"

#351 Rise & Grind pt2
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Today we're finishing up the book Rise & Grind by mega-shark entrepreneur Daymond John. Daymond's book takes you from how he started his grind; how he grinds in his billion dollar empire; & also how he occasionally steps back from his grind to appreciate, recharge & refuel for his next grind. Peppered all throughout the book are conversations between Daymond and fellow elite, well-known people who are grinding in the world today. * Today we're talking about the various speeds of your grind & (spoiler alert) one of your speeds is no speed at all. * What is the benefit of not grinding? * When should I grind and not grind?* & we end the show with my personal 80/20 Grind-ender. (A Grind Calender)* Grab the book Rise & Grind right here.* Connect with Daymond on IG & Twitter @thesharkDaymond & check him out on ABC's Shark Tank. *Thanks for catching today's show. Would you help spread theLife by sharing the showwith one other person & leave a quick ratingin the App Store. * Connect with me @marshbuiceon Twitter & thesaleslife1@gmail.com.

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