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Jan. 15, 2019

#351 Book dive "Molly's Game"

#351 Book dive

How do you go from an Olympic-class skier to a 26 yr old running one of the most exclusive underground poker games in the world? World famous actors, producers, directors, politicians, athletes-the people you see on TV were playing in Molly's Game. It's a story of risk & mighty rise, but it's also a story of losing it all and having to fight to rise again. It took Molly Bloom losing her living to gain her life back.* The book is broken into 2 episodes. Today's episode is a parable that we're all poker players and you have a stronger hand than you think.* Thank you to Molly's team for sending me a copy of the book. Grab your copy of this exciting book and go check it out at the movies.* Share your take with me @marshbuice on Twitter or thesaleslife1@gmail.com

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