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March 22, 2018

#150 The unfinished work of completion

#150 The unfinished work of completion
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In his book “Da Vinci” Walter Isaacson writes that maybe the reason why Leonardo Da Vinci died with many of his works unfinished was bc he was always improving on his techniques...& I’ll go with that thought, but I have conflicting feelings on this thought as well. In today’s episode, yes I agree that maybe we should look at our lives as unfinished- ever improving works of art...but maybe Da Vinci wouldn’t mark his paintings as completed ...maybe we stay at a job, entangled in a toxic relationship...or don’t start a new position or business for fear of being judged...so we hide in the safety of “still working on my painting.” 👉👉Thanks for tuning in...for feedback or suggestions please email me @ thesaleslife1@gmail.com

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