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March 14, 2018

#144 The 9 Basic Human Needs

#144 The 9 Basic Human Needs
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While working a deal I needed a salesperson to go get some more paperwork from his customer & after outlining what I need he just stared at me and asked if I was going to go do it? The old me-when I was a new mgr would’ve blown up thinking that the sp was being soft...but that wasn’t the case...in reading “The Coaching Habit” by Michael Bungay Stainer he wrote of the 9 Basic Human Needs: Affection, Creation, Recreation, Freedom, Identity, Understanding, Participation, Protection, & Subsistence (my success depends on your help). ...these are the 9 we all need as humans (hopefully you’re a human). So Stainer writes when someone wants (asks) something from you - don’t jump in nor go off...they’re asking you bc they have a want behind their need(s). Too often as leaders we’re too quick to assume, advise, or blow up, but if you tap into their want, you can align with “what” (they need) and coach more effectively. 👉👉Try spotting the needs behind the want questions of others this week & share

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