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Jan. 18, 2018

#100 Ashes to Ashes

#100 Ashes to Ashes
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Episode #100!! Everyone remembers Steve Harvey’s blunder when, on live TV, he announced the wrong winner for the Miss Universe Pageant. Harvey was devastated- the internet blew up with memes, disses, & name calling..Harvey didn’t know what to do but a mentor gave him some wise advice...when it comes to haters, NYT Bestselling Author Charlamagne Tha God runs by his “Law of 10” (I love this one). For 5 min only, today’s eppy focuses on your haters...your critics- the ones who hate when you up & conspire to bring you down...as Brother Steve wrote in his book...”every moment you spend addressing a critic is a valuable moment that you take away from your dream.”so we ain’t gonna take long addressing your critics. 👉👉👉 Thank you for being here through 100 episodes! To say thank you share your favorite episode on social media, send me a screenshot of your post along with a quick snippet of why you liked a specific eppy to

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