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Dec. 4, 2019

You can’t hit it BIG until you hit it many

You can’t hit it BIG until you hit it many

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VC firms have what’s called “Deal Flow,” meaning they’re constantly investing...

You hear of the VC’s who got in early with the Facebook’s, Twitter’s, & Ubers & you think, “Wow! They hit it BIG!”

They didn’t hit it BIG, they hit it many...

Because what you don’t see are how many losses they incurred to hit the big.

I know you want to hit it big...but you won’t hit it big until you hit it many...

In Sales & in Life, you must think like a VC & constantly be investing in reps & options- understanding YOU WILL INCUR LOSSES along the way, but-win or loss, you’re constantly investing...

You’ll hit it big as long as you hit it many.

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