Handle adversity. Embrace uncertainty. Never settle.
April 9, 2023

When Life Takes A SHIfT On You: Why Me? What Now? WATCH THIS!

When Life Takes A SHIfT On You: Why Me? What Now? WATCH THIS!
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Two questions. One emphasis. Sadly most people stay at the first two stages, questioning, "Why me? & What next?" and never make it to WATCH THIS.


Learn how to embrace uncertainty, handle adversity, and never settle again using five skills (5 C's): Communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning & action, and productive confrontation. The Top 3% of podcasts in the world. Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform and www.marshbuice.com

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When life takes a shift on you, S H I F T, there are three stages that you should pass through and the emphasis being on should, why me? What now? Watch this. Two questions. One emphasis. And sadly, most people stay on the questioning stage. The first two stages. Why me? What now? And they never reach the exponential growth of watch this. So let's talk about the three stages to identify not only where you may be, but also to provoke you. To move to the next level because where you are right now, it is, but it's not. All there is. Welcome to M mvp, the Marsh Vice Podcast. I am your host Marsh Vice, and there are three things. There are three things that you're gonna deal with in life adversity. Welcome to mvp, the Marsh Vice Podcast. I keep wanting to say project, I guess it is a project, but this is the Marsh Vice Podcast. And here on this podcast, you're going to learn to embrace uncertainty, handle the adversity, and never settle again using five skills. Communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning and action, and productive confrontation. So when you find that you're a little bit stuck in the mud, chances are you're not working in one or more. Or God forbid, all of these, uh, what I call the five Cs. So let's pass through, make sure that we're passing through the three stages when life takes a shift on you, s h i, a little f and a t. Because a lot of times life takes a shit on you. But really, in essence, it's life's taking a shift on you. So the first age is why? And sadly, man, this is where most people perpetually stay stuck for the rest of their lives. Why me? Why did this happen? And they're, so many times they're, they're, they're questioning, why me? But it's really not a question. What they're trying to do is, is they're trying to seek blame. They're trying to call out the other person. And they put their lives on hold. They really do. And you know, you've either been there before or you've dealt with people that dude, like the event, the traumatic event happened so many years ago in their lives. Yet they can't, they can't seem to move past that because they're so adamant about seeking punish. For that other person that they put their lives on hold and they miss out on all of the daily opportunities that they could capitalize on that would propel them to the next level. Now, the why me stage, it's, it's, it's natural. It's natural to question it. You make sure man, that you're looking forward to the next stage. And this is, dude, this is where you gotta fight to get to the next level. And the next level is the what now stage. And I like the word what now versus what next. Because what next kind of puts you in the eighth day of the week, you know what the eighth day of the week is. Someday. So when you say what next, a lot of times what you're doing is, is this is your if then clause where you say, well, if I had this, then I would be able to get myself out of this situation. And, and that's, that's when you're in the, you know, what next. But when you, when you call it what, now that's immediate. That's where you become resourceful. Even when you lack the resources, you are not gonna find any successful person, whether a billionaire, a millionaire, or a thousandaire, whatever. You're not gonna find anyone who is successful, who had it all perfect. It wasn't that they had perfect circumstances, is that they. The circumstances as leverage to help push 'em, push 'em forward. So what now is where you look around and you become resourceful with, with what you got. You don't spend any time whether emotional, mental, physical, verbal currency. You don't waste any of that time. Talking about things that you don't have, talking about things that you lack, and if only you had this, no, because I, I guarantee you, someone's always got it worse than you and someone would love to have the resources that you already have available. See, there's, there's stages to this. So you think that you're on this island and you lack so much. Well, I guarantee you there is someone behind you who wished they had what you. All right, so this is so important on stage two. This is a survivor stage. This is all it is. And so you're surviving to get through a day, a month, a quarter, a year, a couple of years, whatever, you know, a little band here, but you realize you maintain your awareness that you can't stay here, number one. Because there's another level, stage three that we're gonna talk about here in a minute. But also you maintain your awareness to not slip back into the first stage, the victim stage of why me? So in this stage, you use the resources, you survive, but you realize, dude, I gotta, I gotta get going. This is where you start. The momentum. This is where you build the momentum to get to the next stage. See, right now on stage two, you're trying to stop the bleeding, right? So you cauterize it. It's a lot like, um, you know, when I'm dealing with people and they have bad credit, then what I do is, is, is I'll tell 'em, I say, look, here's, here's what you need to do right now. You don't wanna make the situation any worse. Unfortunately, I can't get you approved for now. But here are some things that you need to do to evolve past this. And the, the number one thing is don't let anything else get worse. Stop the bleeding. So pay your accounts on time and pay your old accounts that were in default. Pay those off or settle form 'em cuz they're already bad anyway. And then, Then you can start adding even some small loans to help push the bad stuff down. But so many times, people, it's metaphorical in life, whether the credit report or whether they're in their own lives, they say, oh, it's bad. So they just continue to make it bad. No, you just have to cauterize this, and this is what that stage two, stage one. Oh well, and you throw your hands up and you say, why me? Well, it's already bad, and you just stay there. Stage two, whether we're talking about your own personal life or a credit report, stage two is where you just don't let things get worse, but you're not really incrementally. Improving. It's not, it's not getting any worse, but it's really not getting any better for you either. So now we gotta go to stage three. Stage two is where we begin to build the momentum. Stage three is where we actually. Not only do we ride the momentum, but we actually intensify the momentum. This is where we add gas to the fire man. This is where you add logs. So this is stage three is the watch this stage, and that is my favorite stage, and it should be the one that you're trying to get to and watch. This is to all the people who counted me out. To all the, the, even myself. I was like, dude, I don't know if I can get, I didn't, I can get past this. This is to watch this stage where you chase the effort, not the results. The results are gonna be what the results are when they get there. When is not your concern? What you do for now is your concern. Is the thing that you have to do. So this is the watch this stage, and you're intensifying your effort. You're intensifying your energy. You're only talking about things that bring productive value. You almost isolate yourself from you Definitely isolate yourself from. You know, the, the, the toxic people. The people who just want you to stay at certain levels. Oh, it's okay. Rub you on your back. You've been dealt at bad hand. Or, Hey, let's go get high. Let's go get drunk. Let's go eat and drink and get high in your drunk. Let's go to the strip club, whatever they want to keep you because you know those people, man, they, they, they need a partner. They need someone to, it's crabs in a bucket man. And so they're not gonna like that. You're trying to move to stage three to watch this stage. So you really gotta really isolate yourself. And this is where you just gotta be on the, the, the, what is that? D and d, the do not disturb. I use the Do Not Disturb on my phone a lot. Calls can't come through except from people who. Truly in my camp. I mean the 100 percenters. And so anybody else gets, they get sent to voicemail. That's what you gotta, that's what you gotta do with people. The do not disturb on your phone, but also the do not disturb in your life as well, where you just, you're always on your way to work. You're just getting off of work, you're heading to the gym. Hey man, I'd love to. Sorry. You don't have to explain anything. Keep it rocking. And so the watch this stage is an important stage, man. This is where you played to the blurry crowd. Lemme tell you who the blurry crowd is. It's, it's, it's, well, it's exactly what I just said. They're blurry, fuzzy people. You know how when you put your phone on the, um, the portrait mode and so all the object. Behind you, you're the main focus and all the objects behind you are, are kind of blurry. They're there, you can make 'em out, but you can't really make out the detail That's your blurry crowd in your life. So at the watch, this stage is where y y you're playing to the blurry crowd. No one in specific because I'm not going to intensify my, my focus on getting back. The circumstance or other person who initially on stage one, why me? I felt like they were the cause of whatever my situation is, I'm no longer going to give them a space in my mind. So they just become a part of my audience, and that's what the blurry crowd is. So at the watch this stage is where I've pushed past all of the muck and the mud from stage one of why me, and got into the what now, and started using what I already had and started capitalizing on those things, and then building the momentum, just laying the brick man. And so you lay the. Every single day that one brick, I make good decisions. I don't, I don't wake up in a deficit anymore and, and I, because I get this, this energy going, this momentum building, then I get to the watch this stage, and this is where I do, not only am I riding the wave, but I'm looking for the next big wave as well. Dude, there are people, when I got demoted, there are people who counted me out, and there are people to this day. I really admire who we're, you know, we're cool. I don't hold any animosity to them, it's human nature to say, oh, I don't think there's any coming back from this dude. I was dangling by a thread, so it's natural that people were looking at me saying, I don't think he's gonna make it, but I, I don't harbor any ill will toward those people, nor they're just on the same level as the people that wanted me to fail, wanted me to go under, wanted me to no longer be walking on this earth. They're all just a part of the blurry crowd. They're an audience that I play to. There are logs on the fire. They're kind of that chip and then there's the watch this to me too. I'm part of that blurry crowd as well. The old me, the me that was saying, I, I can't, I don't think I can do this and that watch this stage is where the blurry crowd, they're just the audience. I'm the main character. I'm the leading character in this show. So watch this. Remember, keep it simple, keep it moving, never settle. Thanks for joining the Marsh B Podcast. If you like today's show, man, get the word out. Share this with someone else. Also, you can, uh, hook, hook up with me on the, uh, Instagram stories. My personal is where you can see what's going on in my daily life. In my stories, I post every single day there. Um, and then there's the Marsh B Podcast, which is the channel specifically for the Marsh B podcast, where I will post new episodes that will, uh, that will come up, um, as I, uh, as I put those out. So remember, stay amazing. Thank you so much for being ha being here. For more episodes like this and go to marsh b.com. That's M A r S H B U I C E. And there you will find thousands of free content formally of the Sales Life podcast and now of the Marsh B Podcast. And it's all about embracing the uncertainty, handling the adversity, and never settling again. You need some tools, man. You need some, some things to help get you off that island, and I've got those free resources for you too. Thank you so much for the ratings and reviews. Definitely need those coming in. 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