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If you’re going to make a sale, you must reduce the risk, but if you’re learning at the same time as the customer, you’ll either 1) Not make the sale or 2) Not make a maximum gross profit.
I can’t tell you how many old-school salespeople wing it & have no clue what products are coming out nor what their product is even capable of.

& you wonder why your sales are going down each year? You are the problem. Not your managers or the economy. You’re the reason why you couldn’t make a sale if you offered to buy it for them.

Know everything about your product. Whip out your “smart” phone & set your “smart” watch timer to 15 minutes, and learn about your product. Better yet, grab your product and push every single button to see what it does.

Rinse and repeat for 90 days & you can buy me a steak 🥩.

Keep it simple. Never settle. Keep selling. Selling is a mindset, not a profession. Learn how to apply five disciplines to sell your way to success- EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT IN SALES. Because we are all selling our way through life.