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March 28, 2023

Is It "WHO" You Know Or "WHAT" You Know? | TSL #764 (Communication)

Is It
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Is it "who" you know or "what" you know? Some say it's "who" you know, while others say it's "what" you know. 

The answer's both, but they're not equally weighted. Do your part and let Life do hers.

There are 5 skills you need to sell your way through life: Communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning, and productive confrontation. 

This episode will help you with communication. 

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Selling is more than a profession, it is a mindset you can apply to every area of your life to embrace uncertainty, handle adversity, and never settle again. Master 5 disciplines to be RFA: Ready For Anything. Go to marshbuice.com to start your coaching today.

The greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you. You're more than enough. Never settle. Keep Selling. 


So is it who you know or is it what you know? Some people say it's who you know. Other people say, no, it's what, you know. I say it's both, but it's not weighted the. Because what you know, sets you up for a more quality depthful relationship with who you know, see if some of you came into contact with someone that you idolize and have been wanting to meet them forever because you think that they are the door opener for your life. If you haven't been working on your what developing and creating your what, when you came across that person who you've always wanted to meet, it'd be so superficial. You maybe get high and bye. Nice to meet you, talk to you later because you're not prepared with what. I mean, what would you talk about if you haven't been working on your what? Creating it, developing it, shaping it. If you haven't been doing that in the unseen hours. What would you talk about with that person? Oh my God, I finally get to meet you. What in the world would you talk about? All you could do was regurgitate all of their work, and at best, you would be just a fan boy. That's all you are is, oh my God, I love your work. I love it when you wrote the, all you're doing is you're regurgitating everything that they've already written. Why remind them of what they've already written? It's their words. So all you're gonna be is just another fan. If you wanna truly resonate with someone else, then spend more time, a vast majority of your time working on your what and giving no regards to the who your dreams are crushed because you spend more time chasing a who than developing your what. what is in your control, who you come across, who opens up doors for you and introduces you to other people that, wants to have a relationship with you that connects you with even higher level. Who's that is not even in your control, besides, if you try to control it yourself and you're not prepared, then it would be al it's like trying to help a baby bird out of a, out of a, a shell as they're. If you help 'em out as much as you just want to help you actually kill 'em, because they have to fight and struggle to get out of there in preparation for the new world that lay ahead for them. Same is true for you, so you have to create and develop your what? You have to fight with it. You have to struggle with it. See, this is all preparation. This is all a foundation. So when the universe puts you with the right person, the who person in your life, it's more meaningful. It brings more depth. Because you talk to that person with clarity and conviction and confidence, it's a total game changer. Let the let the universe work on who you go to work on your what period. See, you gotta make yourself qualified to be in the conversation. You gotta make yourself qualified to resonate with that other person. I'm interested in hanging out with people that have depth. Want a debate who actually look at the world a little bit different. Who actually challenged the status quo? That's the kind of conversations I want to have with people. I don't give a shit about the latest playoff picture. I don't give a shit about the latest horsepower on a car that does nothing for me. That's, that's homeboy hangout stuff and there's a time and place for that. But for where I'm trying to. The higher level who people, well, I've gotta do the preparation, I've gotta do the work. So that way when I come into their presence, I'm ready. So I'm investing in sales. I'm investing in taking those skills that I learn in sales and how I can apply these to every area of my life, not only to my sales career, but also any of my other careers that take shape, but also that any other personal situations that come? So that way I'm better equipped to handle the adversity, to embrace uncertainty, and to beat back complacency. See, when I ca, when these things try to creep in on me, I'm ready. I'm rfa, I'm ready for anything because I'm investing in my what. And I give no regards to the who, the who is gonna come whenever it needs to come. What's I. . It's what I'm doing in the in the meantime. So I'm working, I'm investing in how to negotiate. I'm investing in the body language and the psychology of it all because it's all applicable to life. And as I learn it, I write it every day, man. You go to my Instagram stories, you see me every day. I post a picture daily, and then I post a picture of what I. Process. I'm not writing it just to write it. I'm writing it to sear it and then live it and then share it. I'm divinely set up to win. You're divinely set up to win if you work on your what and stop worrying about the who. Let me ask you this. What does your day consist of? Is it structured? Is it set up? See, you're in control of that, or are you just kinda trying to make the best of it? I'm hanging in there, trying to make it, can't wait till the first of the year. Can't wait till the end of the quarter. Another 10 days left in the month. Can't wait till it dries up. Can't wait till it heats up. Can't wait till the cold weather sets in. Can't wait for the new year. That's all people talk about cuz they have no structure. I'm working on my what? That's all I do. Do you have a what plan of action? A po o a. There's six. Whats I pound on every day? I rise early. I write, I learn three hours a day, and it's not just from a book right here on the shelf. Some of that is very little of that is, most of it is because I'm on the move. It's podcast, it's audiobooks, it's. It's masterclass. I'm working on my, what I'm investing, so I'm learning three hours a day minimum. Sometimes it's longer. I work out every day. I create, I share by helping others saying, hey bro, I've been where you're at. I know about the adversity. I know about the uncertainty. I know about having to start over. I got you. I can help you with that. As a matter of fact, I have some skills that I've learned in the sales profession that will help you even though you're not in sales. See, that's what I'm working on every single day. Seven days a week, rains, leaders snow. This is what's gonna make me and will make you qualified for the higher level who person, whether it be 10 minutes from now or 10 years from now, I don't care. I'm ready. I don't get ready, I'm ready. So that way when they come across me, they're like, I like this cat. He's sharp. I like the way he thinks. He's got a different perspective, he's got a different angle. He stands with confidence. He's not just regurgitating my work actually. I feel the thread of my work weaved in between his unique perspective, the way that he shares things. I like that. And then they learn from you. And then that relationship starts and it opens up the doorway for. Broader and higher level who's simply because every day you worked on your what? Remember, the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale you on. You keep it simple. Keep it moving. Never settle. Keep selling. Stay in the sales life.