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March 14, 2023

How I Read A Book-A-Day | TSL #758

How I Read A Book-A-Day | TSL #758

Too many great books are written to pigeonhole yourself to just a handful of books. Besides, how many books you read won't make you successful. HOW YOU APPLY FROM WHAT YOU READ is relevant. 

Here's how I read one book each day (for FREE!) 
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Reading a set number of books every single year is not what's gonna make you successful, it's what you apply from what you read. Well, that's what's gonna make you successful. Hi, welcome to the Sales Life. I'm your host, marsh Vice, and I created the Sales Life because I believe selling is the number one life skill that you need in every area of your life. And if you think that you're not in sales, you better think again because selling by definition is getting someone to accept your product, service, or idea. And at the very minimum, You're the product, you're the service, and we're all selling an idea from the time that you were a baby to the boardroom, to the bedroom. We're all selling our way through life, and there are three things that all of us are facing. We've we're facing adversity, uncertainty, and complacency, and the skills that we've learned in the sales profession. That's what we walk into every single day. There are five skills that we've learned in the sales profession that we've learned how. Handle the adversity. Embrace the uncertainty and never settle again. And so this is what the sales life is all about. It's helping you with those five Cs. It's communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning and action, and productive confrontation. So when you find that your life is slipping, And things aren't quite working for you. You've stopped selling because you've gotten away from one or more of those five Cs. Communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning and action, or productive confrontation. So that's what we talk about. Every single episode, one or more of those scenarios. So this one is all about continuous learning and action because what you read are the, the, uh, what you read is more important than how many books that you read. And there are so many books that are out there ripe and ready for you to read. But because we pigeonhole ourselves to, I'm gonna read three books this year, why? Try to muscle through only three books when there's so many other phenomenal books that are out there. So I'm gonna show you a technique where I read a book a day cuz there's no constitution, no law that states that I have to read a book from cover to cover. Nothing anywhere says that other than your third grade teacher. And because there's so many books that are out there waiting to be read and you'll never get to 'em all. Here's how I read a book a day and what's beautiful about it is, man, you don't have to buy the books. I totally 100% believe in supporting the altar cuz they put their blood, sweat, and tears into it. But let's say if your money is funny and you change is strange, , you don't have to go buy the book. Dude, when I was broke, broke. $11 in my account with $10,000 of obligations coming up. The one thing I never let slip was my reading. So I couldn't afford to go buy a book. So I would go to Books A million Barnes and Noble. I would go to the local library, use bookstores, and I would go read books. Just stand right there in the aisle. So I learned this t. I didn't have anything. I didn't have the money to go buy the, the, the full book. But what's important is I just needed something to spark and that way I could walk out and apply to my life. And it's funny how in your, in your most leanest time, lack is leverage. It's funny how when you, when you lack the resources, how resourceful you'll get. And it was in that situation where I said, I'm just gonna read a. And then walk out and go apply it to my life. And so that's the thing that I'm gonna show you how I do it. So read a book a day and keep it moving. So let's say like, here's David Goggin's new book. Never finished. Great book. Actually, I think the book, this one is better than the first one. The first one is, it's kind of kicking you an ass to get you in, uh, get you off the couch. This one is more so of a strategy. As you've been going. Now there's gonna be some obstacles. There's gonna be some, some situations that you come across because you're trying to change or because you're in motion to. and this is more strategy than, than anything. The first one was motivation. This one is more strategy. So that's why I like this one more. But we're all in different seasons. We're all at different times in our lives, so I may go back to the first one. Can't hurt me. It's somewhere up there. Oh yeah. Right. Um, I may go to the first one sometimes and read that one because I just need it for the mindset and that's what's great about reading a chapter a day versus, uh, our book a day. I just gave away my content . But versus with this, um, I may be in a different season and just need something out of this chapter. So let's. Let's say that you've been wanting to read this book. You're just short on time cuz we all are. So here's what I want you to do. Open up any book, whether you bought it, whether it was a gift, whether you're standing there, bar Barnes and Noble at Sam's, at Costco, at Walmart, at a used bookstore, at Goodwill, whatever. Go find any book that you like. You like the author, you like the cover. Sometimes I just, I love the title of something and I just pull it off the. So go to that one, uh, uh, pull that book off the shelf. Go to the table of contents, and then pick one chapter that speaks to you. So his, let's see. He's got nine chapters in this. And so let's say I'm reading l uh, look at, uh, chapter three, the mental lab, chapter four. A Savage reborn, chapter five, disciple of Discipline. Ah, ah, okay. D Discipl. I've been, I've been lacking discipline. What is the thing that jumps out at you? So jump to that one. It's evolution number five. He puts all his in evolutions. So go to that one chapter. It's from page 1 21 to 1 46. Go. So all day, you have all day, you have 24 hours to read whatever that comes out to 20 pages. Okay. So, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. If you're a slow reader, 40 minutes, whatever. When you're, when, instead of scrolling on social media, read one chapter today when you're sitting in the parking lot waiting for your kid to run in the store and come back out. Read that one chapter, whatever. Read that one chapter and then go apply it to your life. You can't, here's the rule. You cannot. Read another chapter until you take something from the chapter that you just read and go apply it to your life. And I don't care if it's for five minutes or whatever, go apply it to your life. Because remember, it's not what, it's not how many that you read. It's what you apply from what you read that matters most. and I gotta keep this thing moving because there's so many other good books. Now, there may be times where you're gonna pick up a book and you're like liquid fire. You're like, oh my God, I got, I gotta have more. Cool. You can continue on if you want to, or if you wanna put it on a rotation and you say, look, I'm gonna come back to it next month because again, I gotta, all these books I gotta get to. And so, and what I'm looking for is I'm looking for randomness for. And so I do this. I jump from book to book to book because I'm trying to find something, something new every single day to apply to my life. Now, also what I like to follow is a 30% rule, because see, most books are written with fluff in them. Meaning that the publishers, they put extra fluff in there. To help justify the price that you pay for the book to make sure that you're getting your $30 worth of content. So they fluff up these books and understanding that some of that stuff is gonna be totally irrelevant for you. It's not even gonna apply. As a matter of fact. Let me, let me, let me prove it to you. How many times have you read a book and somebody asked you what the book was about? How many things do you talk about normally, one. There you have it. You're gonna forget 90% of the book anyway. So if you follow this of the 90% or you follow the, uh, the, uh, the one chapter a day kind of situation, or one chapter from that book, and I'm going onto the next book, then you're going to get the thing that most resonates with you. But the other thing too, if you follow a 30% rule, this is what I. You follow the 30% rule, meaning that you go to a book that you really like and you pick, if it's 10 chapters, you, you pick 30%. Out of the table of content that seem most interesting to you. And then what I'll do is I'll put a little dot beside 'em of the three that I choose. So if it's 10 chapters, here's the three that are interesting, and then I'll read those three chapters throughout. Whatever on the rotation or three days in a row, whatever you wanna do, it's your call. And if there just are like boom, boom, boom, then I, I go back to the table of content and I'll highlight the k, the table of contents, or I'll highlight it in my Kindle so that way whenever I come back to it years later, I go back to the table of content and I go back to the. Chapters that most resonated with me. Dude, this is like killer for you and this is part of your production. This is the thing that is going to, just think about this. Think how much if you, if you read six books a week in 30 days, dude, that's 180. Books. Oh my God. Think about, and that's 180 different things that you apply to your life. Think how much more different your life is gonna be. Think how much more different your speech is gonna be. Think how much more different. How you communicate with others is gonna be, and then blessings abroad. If you run into the author, you'll be able to specifically talk about something from a. because you, you followed the 30% rule, or you read one chapter that became the lead domino for you, and you'll be able to tell instead of saying, I'm a huge fan, no, you'll be able to say specifically, man, your chapter on disciple of discipline was killer. Here's where my life was and here's what changed in my life when I read this. Oh my god, what the greatest form of gratitude. But let's say. You follow the 30% rule and you're able to talk to that author about three specific things, and so you're trying to get them on your IG Live or you're trying to get them to come onto your podcast and you DM 'em with these three things, instead of saying, oh, we'd love to get you on. No, these three things, boom, boom, boom. This is what changed in my. They're gonna make time for you. I promise you, they're gonna make time for you. It's, I, I hate to say the word hack. It's the, it's not a hack. It's the best form of applying the time that you have. It's all about efficiencies, man. How can I get the most. Out of the, out of the small window of time that I have, and this is one way, the 30% rule, take 30% of the chapters that most resonate with you and read those, those few chapters, and also every single day read a book a day. One chapter and then go apply it to your life. I can't wait to hear how different everything is gonna be for you. All right, let's get outta here. Remember, the greatest sale that you will ever make is a sale you on you because you're more than enough. Keep it simple. Keep it moving. Never settle. Keep selling. For more on the sales life, go to marsh b.com. That's m a r s. B U I ces, like juice with a B in front. And right there you will find literally, dude, thousands of free resources from podcasts to videos. It's all right there. It's all 100% free. And if you're ready to take your coaching to the next level, and you wanna learn how to sell your way through life, you're tired of settling, you're tired of the adversity and not knowing what to do with it, you're, you're, you're tired of. The, um, the, the, the complacency that keeps kick kicking in. You keep having to start over. I got you for that too. All right, that's it. Let's get outta here. Peace.