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March 12, 2023

"Get One Inch Better Today." Online Coach Clinton Dye | TSL #757

Looking at Clinton Dye, you'd think he's had it easy his whole life, but you'd be wrong. Clinton has had to fight through adversity his entire life. As a child, Clinton watched his mom shoot his father, and it seemed to get worse from there. 

Life had gotten so bad for Clinton, that he was given a choice to go to jail or the military. After serving 4 tours in the Marines, Dye worked as a civilian contractor. The money was great, but his life was a wreck. 

Alientating his wife and children, Dye set his timer for 60 minutes, placed a loaded gun in front of him, and asked the Universe for a reason to live. 

If you think you've had it bad, Clinton has probably had it worse, yet he found purpose in his pain, and you can too. 

Big thanks to Clinton for coming on and sharing his story. Connect and learn more from him on Instagram: sandiego_clinton1.

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Selling is more than a profession, it is a mindset you can apply to every area of your life to embrace uncertainty, handle adversity, and never settle again. Master 5 disciplines to be RFA: Ready For Anything. Go to marshbuice.com to start your coaching today.

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There's still some residual struggle in some of those topics. Yeah. But we're just repetition, getting it out of my body and into the world, and hopefully someone resonates with the story working, I think better. Yeah. I think your, I think your pain, uh, you know, your, your, your, your purpose is in your pain. And so, so many things that I used to hide from when I was going through, from being demoted to divorce, to suicidal, to bankruptcy, to, you know, all these things. Clinton, dude, I, I just, I, I was so ashamed of those things. And now, dude, I'll just shout from the mountaintops because it's like I recovered, I recovered from all of those. Now in the moment, it seems like never gonna make it out of this, but, you know, I was just right. I was walking the dogs the other morning, dude, and, and you know, I was like, from where I was just five years ago. I mean, I was damn near checked out. And five years later, my life is unrecognizable. It's, it's nuts. But, you know, sometimes people don't know whether they're two inches or, or 200,000 miles. It feels like you're 200,000 miles, but you're closer to the end than you, than you actually realize. You just gotta keep going. Yeah. 100%. So, mm-hmm. . , I apply the, you know, the general philosophy in life is, um, life's finite. Most people, majority of people believe they're gonna live forever in this body, and their actions are aligned with that. So they waste a lot of time and energy doing things that aren't gonna help them in this time and place. Now, a lot of people out there believe that there's transition and you live forever. You know, you're incarnation life after death, et cetera. And, and I'm one of those people. But I understand that this is the proving ground to get to those areas like the Vikings. If you didn't die on the battlefield, you didn't get to Valhalla In Christianity, if you don't live a life of selfless purpose and you're a good person, you don't make it to heaven. The Quran's the same fucking way. Yeah, they're all the same. So this is the proving ground to develop your worthiness, to transcend this body and time. And if you don't put in the work here, you won't get to the other side of glory. in any religion, reincarnation, you go backwards if you fuck up this life. Yeah. So that's why you have to be as good as you possibly can here to transcend. So, wow. That's, that's spiritual. So they can't be wrong. And even if they were wrong, what is the, the hurt in living a, a selfless, prophetic style of life? Mm-hmm. of trying to help people better yourself, challenge yourself. That's, that is prophecy. That is the best experience in humanity. We, we both know that you found jurors right? You turned around your pain and weaponized that pain and struggle for good. And you show up for your family every day and just sit down. We sit down. People like you and me, we sit down and we. explain how much dramatically better our life is when we just made some very simple changes. They were hard changes. They weren't easy changes. Yeah. But they were simple. The game, the game plan is not complex. Yeah. Yeah. It's not. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. We make it so much harder than what it is. And why live a life of hell, man? I mean, this is you, you, you're heaven on earth. Literally. I mean, you gotta make the best of it. And there's so much, you know, no matter what you're going through, there's so much you're gonna gain from this, if not in this life in another life. Right. 100%. This, this to me, is in line with everything that matters. Yeah. I'm showing up every day. Just like thousands or hundreds of thousands of Americans show up every day. Live, present now. Just do an inch better than yesterday. Yeah. You can never go wrong today. Yeah. Never. Yeah. Yeah. And it's showing up every day. Like with a purpose. There are people who just show up and just expect something to happen for them. No, you gotta lay the brick, man. You gotta, like you said, move one inch. That's all you gotta do. Lay, lay one brick today. That's my mantra. Lay the brick, lay that one brick today as perfectly as possible. And one day your, your wall's gonna come. It's gonna reveal itself. That's right. And over time, you build better and better and better. And occasionally you need to break down the wall and start over. But then you apply all those new skills in life to the first fucking layer. Yeah. And now you have a solid foundation, dramatically better than your peers. And now you're laying down a masterpiece of masonry for your life for everybody to see. And the people that are gonna live in this house are now protected. , they're now provided for, you are the leader of the building structure. It's your house and your kingdom. Mm-hmm. , and you're deserving to be inside it and everything that great that comes along with that. Mm-hmm. . But you had to develop the skills to build the foundation. It took years of your life to develop the man you here, most of your life, to get to this level of mastery. We have gray hair on our beard. This isn't, this isn't died in, this is stress. ORs of life, we're weathered. Right. And with that weathering, those scars of life, emotional and physical, everything that we've all been through, we get wise and we apply that wisdom. It's, it's sad that it happens so late in life, but that's when we were deserving of it. Yeah. It's okay. At 20 years old, I couldn't have handled this kind of wisdom. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , my mind would've just melted out of my ears. Mm-hmm. . But now I can sustain. the stress of this life. It's just normal for me. It's not even stress. Yeah. Running multiple businesses, right? Yeah. Successful relationships. Good relat, good relationship with your children. You're leading your children, developing the next generation and then leading people into their own success. That's a humongous amount of stress and responsibility. 20 years ago, I wouldn't have been able to handle it. Yeah. I had different stresses then, and I handled those at the time with, with Grace, and now I built on top of that skill. Yeah. Just like all wise individuals do over time. Yeah. Well, I guess, um, I guess we should welcome those to the sales life. We just did a rolling story, man. It just, uh, it just rolled right into this is, this is the kind of conversations man I love to have and with deep thinkers. You know, there, there's, there's two Gs that occur when it comes to conversation. There are people that talk about gossip and there are people that talk about growth. And I'm only interested in sitting down with the people that are talking about growth. And today is my pleasure to bring, uh, Clinton die onto the, uh, onto the Sales Life podcast. And this is a new segment that I'm gonna call the Coaches Corner. And, uh, so, uh, what we're gonna do is, is, you know, there's enough about me, there's enough about, you know, 700, however many episodes there are, and 99% of those are solo projects. And what I wanted to do is, is I've been fortunate that I've been able to, uh, really get some great connections on, uh, on Instagram. And Clinton Die is one of those guys. It was just a no-brainer for me, not because. Baldheaded and strikingly handsome . Uh, but you know, you know, it's shit, man. Hey, it's an advantage. So, uh, but just to give you a, a, a little context on that, uh, Clinton lives in San Diego today, um, and he's got quite a, uh, quite a story that we're gonna, we're gonna touch on a little bit in hopes of my hopes today is, is that you realize that you know, your life is not over. Um, and just from this rolling start, you realize how we actually look at things is, it's, it's just, it's evolution, man. You just gotta continue to go on and, and, uh, Clinton's gonna break down his story just a little bit, uh, as we roll out for context. Uh, he's a four-time, um, uh, marine veteran. God bless him for that. And, uh, after the, uh, a, uh, a great career there in the military, he had a, uh, he was in the private sector with a private contract and. Basically walked away from that, a very lucrative contract, very lucrative lifestyle, and has now devoted his life to coaching others to help them change their lives and using the fabric of his own stars and scars and, and helping people get their lives back together as well. So, Clinton, welcome to the Sales Life . Thank you. Thank you Marsh. I appreciate that intro for having me in. So we're just gonna give it to the audience raw here. I'm a four tour Marine Corps combat veteran. I participated in both assaults and Afghanistan and Iraq. I have a nine year active duty Marine Corps career, 13 years as a defense contractor. I have a master's degree in software engineering, uh, uh, one year into a PhD. And I also have 355. Of my life spent in a combat zone supporting the war on terror in one aspect or another. That's 6.8 years. So that's my intro. I'm also, uh, uh, a victim of family domestic violence at five years old, which resulted in my mother shooting my father in front of me in the chest with a 38 caliber handgun. So my message to all the people in short form before we get into this great conversation we're gonna have is no matter what you've been through, it's a lesson to learn from, apply and grow through. You can survive anything as a human with a spirit and a beating heart and breath in your lungs. Always remember that. That's my message to the people. Thank you for the opener, marsh. Oh, you bet, man. I mean, this is a, and this is why folks, this is why I wanted to have him on. You know, you, you look at your life and the situations that you're going through, you're like, oh my God. You know, like we always think that we have it worse. But, you know, this guy from childhood on has never had the, he never had the, the, the, the gold BB shot in his ass. I mean, this guy has had adversity from, from day one, and he is got a PhD in f i o and figuring it out. And so he has taken some, some big licks from, you know, seeing his mother shoot his father, uh, to a very dysfunctional household, living in a trailer park. Um, and, you know, getting into some trouble and ended up going into the military where he called his stride, leveraged that toward, uh, you know, a defense contract and has leveraged that and gone on to do other things as well. And can you imagine, man B in a. in a, uh, in, in a combat zone. I, I can't even fathom that dude. To be there for almost seven years, and being in some of the, it's gotta be some of the most fiercest firefights, huh? So, uh, laid out for the audience here. I am not a infantry guy. I was not a, a sniper or scout sniper or, or, or one of those active engagers. So what I did in the military was a Ford Defen, uh, air defense controller. So I managed the airspace at 21 years old in the United States Marine Corps. I was one of two other controllers that were probably under probably 25 or 30 years old. So I was a, a corporal at one time. I was, I think I was the only corporal E four in United States Marine Corps controlling aircraft onto targets, a forward of the line of troops in both those wars. I was a very low rank. executing and managing airspace with weapon systems and control of multimillion dollar aircraft in any one time we'd have 25, 30 aircraft actively dropping targets and assigning targets in Iraq or all day, every day. 12, 15 hour days, months on end, right? Engaged target passing targets, uh, weapons of mass destruction, suspected bathhouse leaders, troops in the open tanks, equipment, uh, close air support, all that kind of thing, all falls into the realm of, uh, air defense control, weapons management, surveillance, and traffic. I had a crew. I understood the systems and we just got it fucking done. Wow. So, so walk us through, you know, the, the, the time that you, you know, where was the, uh, where was kind of the, and I, I say, I say bottom out moments cuz I don't believe, I believe rock bottom has many, many levels. . Um, and so where you think you're at rock bottom today, it sometimes just gets a little bit worse, but where did things start to turn south for you, um, in, in your life? Was it while you were in the military? Was it after the military? So, the first event where it turned south as I was on the other side of the fence, I was living a life lacking purpose. I was doing drugs, drinking daily, I don't remember a sober day in high school kind of life. That's what I lived. So coming from the trailer park, made it into, uh, residential America. We moved from Houston to Austin. I lived with my dad, et cetera in high school, and I was just going down the wrong path. I played sports. So there's probably some head trauma related to being a middle linebacker at the, the high school level in Texas football, right? So all that stuff. So my, my history of violence that I grew up with kind of helped mold this rather toxic, indo young individual, right? Hyper violence. Um, you know, I was a little smart, so I avoided trouble. I really never got in trouble for anything because I just avoided, avoided the guillotine really wisely. But regardless, um, I had a, a pending drug charge right before, right before I went into the military. Um, got that was dropped and one of the suggestions from the district attorney was, well, this might not go to trial, however, I suggest you find yourself in the Marine Corps in 21 days. Right. That was the conversation from my attorney goes unofficially, the district attorney is a prior JAG officer, Marine Corps JAG officer, and something in your story resonates with him after our conversation. So go ahead and if I were you, I would find yourself in the Marine Corps fucking fast Clinton. Right? So I remember who I was, guy not doing things that you should be doing. Uh, I had a pending, I had a unplanned pregnancy coincide with this, with my, uh, ex-wife. Um, she was my girlfriend at the time, right? So I had all these big things stacking up like a, a 76 to 97 month charge with drugs, and then a pending pregnancy. And I was living a life of toxicity. And this dude said to me, if you don't, if you don't make a choice in the next 24 hours, he goes, that's where you're going. My father was, uh, a California hippie drug, addict, right? Heroin, et cetera, alcoholic. And he was a blue collar worker at this time. And he, he'd cleaned his act up. So we weren't military family. There was no flag in our front porch. There was no rah, there was no ua, there was no war movies. We didn't do that in our household. It was peace, love, and hair grease, right? Yeah. Like smoke some weed, chill out, relax, let's go surfing. That was the kind of guy. Like my dad grew up was from, he was a Southern California guy. So yeah, so I had that happening. The next day I was like, I wanna hear more about this. Which was in line with what my attorney said. So he's like, yeah, just go get yourself tested and see how you are physically. We'll see how you are mentally, like how smart you are. I passed the, the as fab with flying colors that show as easy, and they, they said, you can have any job you want. So their defense controller thing was one of 'em. I was like, oh, that sounds neat. They make it sound very glammy and glitzy at the recruiter's office. Next day I went down there and, uh, um, I took my physical test, did everything pacifying colors, and in three weeks I was standing on the yellow footprints in San Diego and boy did my world change. Quick In 12 weeks. I went from a soft around the stomach, kid used to smoking weed, drinking every day, uh, taking ro h ethanol as a pastime, those kinds of things, hanging around strippers, the strip club, you know, just a life of uselessness and toxicity and. and now I'm getting yelled at by these hyper alpha, uh, Marine Corps drill instructors me up on time. Oh God. It was a And I wrote a letter. I think I wrote a letter. Boy, dad, I think I, I may have made a mistake. , I think I wrote him my first letter was, I think just one line. I was so tired. It was in the evening on that first Sunday. I'm writing a letter to mommy and daddy that, you know, my life has just ended and these fucking guys are yelling at me and I don't know if I'm gonna make it . Yeah, yeah, yeah. I said, I said, boy, I might have made a little bit of a mistake here and you know, it takes forever to get snail mail, right? Cuz there was no, there was no cell phones and email allowed in that place. But, um, no, that, that ended up being the best choice of my possible life, possible life. They taught me kind of some things that are in, aligned with my current process that I've learned over the years, which was that early rise structure. and then that brutal honesty of the Marine Corps. You hold yourself accountable. Poor, poor action is poor action. They don't give out participation trophies in combat. This is real life. So you earn, you earn the respect of your peers and you earn the respect of your enemy over time, right? However, I learned most of my discipline and ethics, and I was never laid in nine years in the Marine Corps. I exercised six days a week, right in the gym, throwing weights, running. My diet wasn't on point. I wasn't aware of how to manage diet of backwards at the time, but I learned a lot of those basic structures, right? Selflessness. , which is in line with the Marine Corps ethos cuz you're doing something for the betterment of the United States. Right. And your, and your crew. And then discipline, you're showing up on time, you're putting out that work, you're developing your skills and then you're getting better and better and better over time. So I learned kind of, that's where I developed a lot of the disciplines that carried forward in life. And I didn't, I ignored them at some point. I thought they were stupid when I got outta the Marine Corps and I just kind of fell off the wagon. But then I had to go back to those disciplines cause they're so fucking effective. What was the thing, Clinton, that, that, um, what was the, the, the moment or the transition in your life that you got away from it once you got out the military, that you turned back to it and said, dude, I gotta get back to this structure. What was, what was going on in your life then? Right, so about 2000, 2000, late 2001, I was working as a defense contractor, one of the big five contractors managing. Um, multiple multi-billion dollar programs in defense organizations. So high stress, so post covid, um, my work will have shot up through the roof as part of the management team there, and we, we had a hiring freeze. So just huge amount of stresses trying to execute these billion dollar programs. Save money, right? Because revenue was, uh, the contracts were contracting a little bit and there wasn't enough, uh, funds in the coffer to execute the downturn of the Afghan war, the pullout of all that, most of the region. So it was just my stress went up through the roof. Right. So these are kind of the standard processes of the fence organization. They ebb and flow and we were on the bottom part of the, the curve here as we're. pulling out of Afghanistan. Contracts are drying up, revenue's drying up, and we're trying to save jobs, et cetera. So a huge amount of stress. Regardless. I'd reverted back into Old Clinton, which was managing my stressors and P T S D with alcohol and drugs. Mm-hmm. on the day-today. So this was kind of a trait that I, I'd learned in a Marine Corps, it's a fraternity style organization, right? Hyper alpha males in groups running together kind of organization. So think of like a fraternity, right? What do they do in fraternities? They're a little bit immature and they act like kids. And what do kids do when they're bored is they drink, right? And I used that, that mechanism to manage my stress through most of my life. I had reverted back to. that style as, as a professional adult. And it started to erode in my life, right? It's one step after the other. So there was no physical activity. I wasn't, wasn't managing my nutrition, so I wasn't feeling good as a human in general. Mm-hmm. . And then I started to introduce stress, alcohol and drugs again into my environment. And rapidly it destroyed my life. I started to struggle in my profession. I was waking up tired and more and more tired every single day. Uh, my relationship, my girlfriend eventually left me right in 2002, and that's kind of the point that I hit rock bottom right. It was a eye-opener that there was something wrong with me. Right. Although I had achieved all these things in my past, I'd allowed my life to stagnate. Mm-hmm. , right? I wasn't focusing on bettering myself. I wasn't focusing on being present now. I was doing everything possible that you could imagine to avoid this reality. And it started to erode everything that mattered to me. The things that were most important to my life, the things that you would die for, it started to destroy. I was destroying my own life. I was self sabotaging. The success I had built on over the years destroyed my relationship with my ex-wife. It destroyed a relationship with my children, destroyed the relationship that I currently had, that I was in love at the time, right? It destroyed that. It was destroying my body, my mind, and my spirit. I was having a difficult time managing life. It put me in such a dark place. I put me in such a dark place. I loaded the shotgun, set it up on the wall at four in the morning, and I was os I asked for not a reason to live. I asked the universe for a reason not to die. Mm. That's all I needed to live is a reason not to die. And if I didn't get one, I set a clock on the iPhone for 60 minutes. I'm not a guy that negotiates with anything. I didn't negotiate with the Iraqis in war, and I'm negotiate with the Taliban in Afghanistan. I'm not negotiating with Clinton in the universe either. It's not up for discussion. 60 minutes, find me a fucking answer so I don't walk over there, put that shotgun under my chin and pull the trigger. And it came to me. Now that, that's a morbid, a morbid request from the universe. And I would never ask anybody or suggest they do that. Ask someone like me or Marsh for help. Yeah. Go to the va and, and therein that time the answer came to me and the answer was, is I was, I was becoming a coward. I was this hero in my own eyes. I had lived this life of selfness, this, I defended my country. I had done horrible atrocities in the betterment of our national security. And I had sacrificed so much through the years that. I was going to abandon my children and allow the world to raise my children and also leave all that stress to my ex-wife that I was, I was gonna be a coward. Yeah. That I had never given up the fight. And my whole life, everything I'd been through, I had never stopped fighting that here at this point in time, I had allowed the darkness to creep in, the devil to convince me was okay to take the cowards way out, and that that was the solution, so that the pain inside my head would stop. And that in itself was a lie that the devil was telling me. Yeah. And then I heard it clear as days, you're a coward. Why, why, how, why are you stopping the fight now? . And, and there I went on my journey of rebirth, finding the energy that I was looking for from big voices and mentors in the mentor space. You know, I resonated with Andy Fri, Joe Rogan, David Goggins, Wes Watson. Jocko, that's just the list is so deep where I had never really used the internet as a source of strength. It was just a, a pastime that I wasn't interested in. And there it is. I started hearing these voices. They started coming to me, right. Calling me out. You know, my inner bitch, right? My, my weakness self, my devils my vices. Mm-hmm. , they were all right. They were saying the same, they were saying similar things in a different way. Mm-hmm. . But that was all true. That doesn't mean it wasn't true. Mm-hmm. , the universe had spoken to me in a way, right. And I started one day at a time. I remember. You know, my mantra of my business is just one inch better today. Wars are wars are battles won on inches. Yeah. Not, not miles. That's not true. Right? It's inches. It's a battle of inches. I just need to do one inch better today. And this point in my life, it was, I need to have one clean meal. One clean meal today, Clinton, to feel better after that meal and I need to go to the gym. My first time I went to the gym, after years of not being in the gym at the lowest point in my life, I walked in Marsh. I was in the gym for four minutes and 30 fucking seconds. I walked in, I touched a weight, right? I did like one set of curls. Yeah, right. I said, hello, hi, my name's Clinton. Nice to meet you. Like, I'll come in here every day after this like, and just walked in, went in there and then I went over to the sauna. I love sauna. . I love the, the wet sauna. The dry sauna. I went in there and I just sat in the sauna for 10 minutes. My heart rate got up a little bit, you know, I'm jiggly soft in the middle. Embarrassed. Take my shirt off a little bit. Yeah. I was sad. Excuse of this man. I was like, park man. Yeah. It was something else. I was a monster just in skin. Right? And then I went over to the wet sauna, and then I went home. Right? And just getting those endorphins up from the extra heart rate and the movement, like, I felt great. Yeah. I felt great for a moment. Right. And then I, I just started working at it. Every day I would say, Hey, I just need to go to the gym one more minute. Yeah. Right. And I would literally set a clock. I'd set a clock. It's now today's six minutes. And I was holding myself accountable, like, on my schedule. And then eventually over time, I, I hired a mentor myself. I did as much as I could on my own. And then I hired the best guy that I could find that resonated with me. I was hurt. Not hard. . I needed someone that I resonated with that was larger than life to inspire someone like me to be better, to unleash that, that sleeping dragon inside of of me, right? Yeah. The dragon that's on the arm. Right. There's a dragon inside of me. Right. I needed someone to wake that motherfucker up. Yeah. Shake him by the neck. Bitch slap me around a little bit. Say, I know you can be better. I see you like get to fucking work. That kind of voice that just is Unrelentless doesn't waiver with your bullshit because that person was inside of me. I had just allowed it to atrophy. Yeah. Right. And that's where my journey sort of skyrocketed in early 2002. So 2002, my girlfriend left me. Sent me a fucking text. She didn't even call. We never even spoke. After she left the city broke me in ways. I'm It hurt, it broke. It completely broke me. It broke my mind. And it's not her fault. I deserved it. I deserved everything that happened. She was a great woman and I was non deserving of, of her love and time in her world, and that's okay, but it gave me enough wake up call to redirect 99.99% of all my energy inward, right? I stopped wasting the time with the corporate world when it was after hours. I wasn't doing work for free for the man, right? When, when my friends were calling me to go drink and do drugs and party and have a good time, I stiff armed that shit. Hmm. When I wanted to go do things that weren't in alignment with the person I wanted to be. I stiff armed it. I was like, nah, you're being a bitch. Like, like, no, like my self-talk turned around rapidly. Like, no, our purpose is in this direction. We've gotta drop the lbs, right? For those people overseas, the kgs, right, you gotta drop those. The weight, you gotta get back to your previous self. You gotta work on your mind. You gotta meditate. You gotta seek out adversity every single day to improve and it hurt. I'm at the age where things fucking hurt. Yeah. I've been through enough. There's enough inflammation and scars that when you wake up in the morning, it's a fucking blessing. , right. I look at every breath as a blessing. So like getting back in the gym there was pain, right? But eventually you just numb the body to it and now I can push through it. It's like I have zero pain now. Yeah. But it took getting all that toxic energy outside of my body and just working at it to get to a healthy position. So this is where, this is where my world transitions from fat, degenerate loser, mindset thinking and behavior to success. And it wasn't overnight. I had a lot of foundation already built. I had laid a lot of bricks previously, like Marsh says. But I had allowed that shit to crumble cause I wasn't maintaining the skills. so you get it back much faster once you've had it. Yeah. But she's still gonna put in the work. Yeah. That's the blessing about that too, is, is when you, when you do it, and that's why it's so important that, you know, it's a good thing that things take you years to build, uh, because it's not the result that you're actually, um, after you think it is, but it's actually, it's actually the process that leads you to the result. And this is why you see Clinton, where, you know, these millionaires can lose it all and you can drop them in somewhere with a dollar 50 and they can, they can become extraordinarily more successful than they were before because they built it once before. So when you lose it, then don't sit there and kick the can down the road. Talking about, I once had it all, you know, you, you're not starting over. You're actually starting with experience. So leverage the experience, draw on those things. What were some of the, you know, what, what's a handful of things of a process that you put together that led you to, that work on those few things? You can't do it all, but you can do what's next. And so if you do just a couple of things, you master those things. I say Clinton, that you gotta be average before you be great. And so you have to put the averages in, get that consistency going. The consistency is what's going to build the momentum. The momentum's gonna create the confidence and the confidence gonna, you know, all of those things come together and that's what's gonna lead to the results itself. Yeah, 100%. I had a woman tell me one time, man, you're, you're a badass fucking dude, right? Like, what's going on? And I wholeheartedly believe, I was like, no. I was like, I'm not badass. I was like, I just, I am just average in all the categories that matter. So I spent a lot of energy getting. All the measurement pillars of how a man is weighted and and evaluated by a female up to a average or a little bit above average. And of course, there's some categories that are way above average. However, when you look at all my life and how I was performing at the time, everything was basically average. When you added all those up, it really put me in the above average category. That's why it's called extra ordinary. It's the extra extraordinary, the ordinary . It's just, it's, it's a layer. Like you develop one skill. So like that. My general process like yours, I think is we hold ourselves accountable. We know our deficiencies, we're brutally honest with things. We know we need to be doing better. So the only way to get better at anything you are, you suck at is to do them more often. Yeah. Put in the repetitions and the cycles and develop the skill. Yeah. And the time under duress. Like getting on this camera, for example, I fear getting on the camera one. being judged by the audience. I was worried that something I would say I would be judged and then I wouldn't do good at it. Of course, I wouldn't do good at it. The first time I was on a podcast and telling my, my crazy story to the entire population, I will be horrible at it. Cause I have no experience. Yeah. Just like everything is, if you don't do it, you won't get better. So it's okay. Embrace that you're gonna suck. Put the ego to the side, acknowledge that you're gonna be horrible at it and it's okay. Cause when you kissed that first girl, you weren't great at it. Right. When you approached that first woman, the woman of your dreams, she just ran away because your approach was so horrible. But eventually you get good to where your, your clothes rate when you say hello to pretty women, to go from hello to like a cup of coffee gets pretty good. Yeah. And it's because you developed the skill. But in any skill in life, you're never gonna be good. The first right out the gate. Right. And you have to put your ego away. The ego gets in the way of. 99% of all adults in almost every decision they make. You have to remove the ego, right? Get that honest criticism from yourself first. Right? And then the universe will tell you that you suck at whatever you're doing. You just need to do it more. Like, yeah, yeah. I, I acknowledge you high five, bro. That, you know, I only have, uh, uh, I only drive a Corvette, not a Ferrari. Like my house is only 2000 square feet instead of four. Like, I'm glad you, can you show me how to get that? Like, like thank you for your criticism. Like, teach me like I wanna learn. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You gotta work 18 hour days, Clinton, 18 hour days. How many days a week? It's no less than seven. How long? Six years. Okay. I can do that. I can do that. Like, I'm on it if I want a 4,000 square foot house or drive a fucking Ferrari. And that's what it takes, and that's all it takes is just I need to three x my output to get in a fucking Ferrari. Six years, and then I'll be a master. I'll be a, at the top of the industry, whatever skill I decided to, to master in two years. And then I get a new skill. And then in six years I'm like some Sao of some industry just because I have three lifetimes of work and yeah. In six years. Okay. That's what takes getting a Ferrari. I love Italian cars. Deal. Yeah. Like will you be my mentor? Like we meet up once a week and you guide me in my business. Sure. How much? Yeah. Oh. Like I don't, I don't want anything like just 30 minutes over beer. You're in, you're, I was like, I don't drink homie, but we can sit down and talk business for 30 minutes in life and whatever, and I can give you my strengths and you give me yours. Cool. High five, bro. Let's do it. Yeah. Like, and I just don't miss those meetings. Yeah. Because that dude is taking time out of his life to help me be great or better and he sees something I can do with it. teach me and I give multiple mentors, like in everything. I suck at sales, I go get a sales mentor. I talk to Marsh right here about sales closure. I watch Marsh's stuff because I was never a salesman in my life. I didn't understand the process of sales and interacting with people, so, mm-hmm people like Marsh that are experts in this field. It fascinates me how the human mind works in through those processes of rejection, throughout the sales process, right? There's time to press energy and there's time to pull back energy. There's time to match energy, there's time to just abandon the conversation. It's like, you're right. You don't have money, you don't, you don't need help. That's good. I'm here when you are like high five piece deuce and just keep watching the content. Mm-hmm. , you just bounce, but you have to learn that, right? Mm-hmm. and I wasn't in that industry, so I never learned mm-hmm. sales. . I, I look to people like Marsh and experts in that field to actually guide me in my weakest areas. Cause I'm running a business now. Yeah. I'm the sales guy. I'm the marketing guy. I'm the backend. Right. I'm the videographer, the photographer. Yeah. I'm the star. I'm the c e o, I'm everything. I'm a, I'm a seven pillar business and one little man. Right. It's, it's a fucking pain in the ass. But you gotta get good at those things. So when you're ready to hire someone of quality and you're making enough money, you know what to look for. You know what, what quality is in your own business. Mm-hmm. . And then you can guide them in a way that meets your company's business profile and agendas. Right. And you won't get, you won't get swindled by someone that tack talks fast, uses fancy words, but they don't know shit. Right. Yeah. I don't, I don't need another person in my life that, um, That has a poor attitude, right? You can train up on skill. Yeah. I can't, I can't untrain bad behavior and horrible, toxic confrontation with employees. So yeah. I like someone that's lacking on skill, but they're, their, their, their ego is outside of their body. Like, they're like, whatever. Like, let's just get better, make this better. Like, I love what you're doing. They're selfless, like they work way harder than someone that knows better than everybody else, but they don't do anything. So that leads me, you know, I'm glad that you bring up the, the sales aspect, Clinton, because, you know, one reason why I created the sales life is to help people in the sales industry to continue to stay in the industry. But also, you know, I say everybody is in sales because selling by definition is getting someone to accept your product, service, or idea. And so even if you're not selling a product or service per se, you are the product, you are the service, you are the idea. So right from a baby to the boardroom, to the bedroom, to the nursing home, , we're, we're all in sales. And I believe the, the, uh, so one thing that I've tried to do is sales is not us against them. And so I try to blur the lines and bring a lot of the sales techniques, um, that I've learned in the profession. These same techniques are what help me get my life back together. And so they're broken down into, into five core skills that we have access to. We just don't use 'em very well. And those are communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning, and action, and productive confrontation. So with the few minutes that we have, uh, left, I'd like to, to, uh, to break down each one of these and see what your relationship is, not only with, with each one of these Clinton, but also how you help a lot of your clients in the same way. So the first one would be, uh, communication. The, a big part of everything to change everything in your life is communicating, but it's not necessarily communicating with others first. It's communicating with yourself. So when did the narrative begin to change in your own life that you, you began to communicate differently? Instead of saying and reminding yourself of everything from childhood on and calling yourself a p o s and all these mistakes, when did the narrative and how did the narrative begin to change that became more empowering and less destructive for you? So in, in 2002, most of most of my life was transactional. I would, it was my, it was a relationship that I was, it was a sort of a toxic situation that I had just developed over, over all of my life where almost I viewed all the world as transactional. That was it. Like, I do something for you. I get something back or reverse. That's, that's what I had developed over the years. Highly transactional. That doesn't work very well. You were cap out in that style of communication and behavior over time. Mm-hmm. . So I adopted the concept in 2002 of selfless behavior. So I'd identified my coach. Right. I think we both have the same coach. Yeah. And through my readings and different books, and I am, I am a, a, a grabber of knowledge. Like I like to learn and expand my mind, but I don't like to just learn for the sake of learning. I like to apply it. So I, I developed this concept and learn this concept of be in alignment with your purpose. Right. And I define your purpose as anything you would do for. . So if you would do something for free because you love what you're doing, then you've, you're in line with your purpose and then you get so good at it that you can charge someone for it. That's, man, that's great. That's how you, that's how you find your purpose. So in line with that concept, you must be doing something of a selfless endeavor. So I offer value to humanity through my content, through my behavior, through my mentorship, my digital mentorship throughout the world. This is my selfless endeavor. I've been through all this pain. It is my job as someone that owes back to humanity. For all the death and destruction I've been through throughout my life. I owe down to my last breath, I have to pay back humanity. Mm-hmm. With a way that they can be better and the way that they can be better is what worked in my life. . So the things that I did that improved my life, the things that I did to get successful, the things that I did to fall in love, the things that I did to fix my body and my nutrition and my fitness and my spirit, those things are what I give back to the world. So my purpose is a selfless endeavor, and every action I take on the day to ba day-to-day is perfectly aligned with my purpose. Now, that doesn't mean I execute it perfectly, but I am aware on the actions I'm doing now, whether they're in alignment with the man I want to be tomorrow, or am I backstepping? and every single day in the morning when I wake up, I wake up at 4:00 AM. Marsh is earlier than me. Good for Marsh. I can't fucking do that. I won't do that.

, I'm up at 4:

00 AM regardless. I immediately do four sets of pushups for failure, get the endorphins going. That is my new drug, right? Exercise is my new drug. I meditate and I self-reflect. In that reflection period, I am evaluating how good I did yesterday. So remember, part of any plan is you have a plan, you execute the plan, and then you evaluate how well you're doing. You're measuring results every single day. I measure results from yesterday. Did I get up on time? Did I put out in the gym? Did I measure my macros? Did I help people? Did I show up and did I control my anger and my behavior in a positive way? Or did I break that character that, did I break the alignment of who I am now? Going in the direction of who I wanna be. Good. Every single day. I'm reflecting on how well I executed yesterday. And only thing I have to do today is do something today that I didn't do perfectly yesterday, and no one's ever perfect. So you're chasing perfection and you can never grab it. But I know that yesterday was imperfect and I just need to make today a little better. One inch Marsha's laying a new brick every day. I am getting one better, one inch better every day. And in a year I've built on every single day. Yeah, every single midday I'm reflecting on how accurate my morning was. Right? I spend five minutes self-reflection. Boom. I'm off. Right? I don't, I don't waste time. We don. analysis paralysis, death by analysis paralysis. We've all heard that. I don't do that. I've never done that. I learned that in the Marine Corps, you make a decision. It's life or death, and it works out the way it works out. You have to make a decision in your life. If you sit there idle, I will always create that business. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow. Procrastination fucking kills you. Mm-hmm. , so I don't procrastinate. I never procrastinated. I just ruined my life at one point, and then I got back to work and remember the playbook that made me successful. What made me successful in combat was I learned is that there's the only decision you make that's bad is the one that you never make. Yeah. You have to make decisions on a battlefield and you have to execute now. Yeah. The only way we went on the battlefield is we out-maneuver. We outat attack. We bring more technology, we bring more tactics, we bring more people, and we execute faster and faster than they can react. That's the successful playbook in all combat. Yeah, that's it. You avoid their strengths and you exploit their weaknesses. Yeah. Sun Sue Art of War. Yeah. Right. These are basic business functions, but they worked extremely well in your life. Don't procrastinate. Just come up with a plan. Good, bad, or ugly. It's the plan. You go out and execute. You iterate the plan. It's not like I'm gonna die on this plan. No, you just gotta get moving so you can learn the lessons. Mm-hmm. the micro lessons day to day. Mm-hmm. on how you're failing and how you're succeeding. And then fix the areas that you can get better on. Iteratively all day, every day. Yeah. And you just gotta look at it objectively. Silence the ego. And these are sort of my daily processes. I hit the gym six days a week. I eat a, I measure all the macros that I eat every day like marsh. That's why Marsh is balded and beautiful and ripped and fucking rich is because he measures his goddamn macros. He goes to the gym and he puts out intensity. He shows up for his fucking family. His wife's happier than she's ever been. His kids respect him. His dogs know who the fucking. bosses in the house. Like the world is looking to marsh for what he's doing, right? Yeah. Right. And then I remove all forms of toxicity from my life. Right. A toxic thing in your life is obviously any chemicals that you're putting in your body that you know that you shouldn't. Right. There's no study that ever said that cocaine's gonna make you live longer. Right. You should probably not be doing it. Yeah, right. I remove toxic foods, so I try to eat extremely healthy and clean. Everything that I eat put in my body is getting me the results that I want. So I won't eat a Snickers bar, although that thing's tasty. I'm not gonna eat ORs stickers, bar the ice creams. Man, I love the ice cream sticker bars. They're like, oh, will I will fucking kill a hundred Iraqis on the battlefield? For one thing of Ben and Jerry's, like I, oh, you know, I've never had been and Jerry's before. Cookies and cream. I've never had Ben and Jerry's there. That shit in my house. Don't get me wrong. Blue Bell is the best ice cream in the country. I don't know if you know that. Yeah, it really is. They only sell that in the south. They don't sell it on the west coast here in Oh, I didn't know that. Really. I've ne I don't if anybody, if anybody in the audience knows where I can find some Blue Bell, I'm gonna eat that shit on camera cuz I have not had Blue Bell on probably two decades. Alright. And it is the best cookies and cream ice cream. I will eat that on camera and break my, I won't break my macros, but I will deviate from my meal plan. Yeah. For the moment to get on camera and eat a blue bell. Yeah, we'll dial the marsh and I'll show you. I love, there you go. The blue bell, you can see it in my eyes. They will roll back in my head like one of those serpens and like double, double blank. And you'll see like the terminator, the terminator skeleton underneath when I'm eating that out. Yeah. Blue belts this shit a hundred percent. You know what I want, want you guys to, so forms of toxicity, remove it all people things, actions, thoughts, self-talk. Get that shit outta your body. Silence the devil. Right? He just wants you to regress back to where you were. We're not going in that fucking direction. We're on our purpose. We're trying to be better. Yeah. You won't be perfect, but hold yourself accountable when you're not. Yeah. And what I like about that too, Clinton, is, you know, the, the communication style that you have with yourself is not one of condemnation. And so when you, when you need to make adjustments, yesterday was not, you know, the best possible day for you. And so you make the adjustments and you just, you stay outta that condemnation by saying, okay, it's the, it's, you know, so it's the communication part of it. Then it's the curiosity aspect that is so necessary in selling your way through life. And so what Clinton does is, is he asks questions of himself as a checkback from the day before. And then based on that, he uses his creativity. Two, you know, come up with new strategies, new adjustments, and he doesn't throw his hands up and say, oh, well this is just not meant to be and revert back to his old ways. Who can't get one inch better every single day, just that one inch, just do it as perfectly as possible. Make the adjustments and keep it moving, so you, you, I know you're just a, you're, you're a, a rabid learner, the fact that you were in the military at 21 years old, you know, doing such high level or making such high level calls, you know, is there anything that, that has been just really transformational for you in learning and then applying that to your life, Clinton, that you, that bubbles up. I struggled in some things over the years. Like reading was a big thing that I struggled with in my life. Like, it just didn't grasp words. I don't know, there's something wrong with me or, or it was just boring or whatever. I was an active guy, like I didn't, I didn't want to read knowledge, but eventually I started to read Once I got outta the military and before I went into college, I started college, uh, right around 22, 23. Uh, after my first tour, I knew I didn't want to be in the Marine Corps forever, so I thought, well, you might want to get a little bit of educated because, uh, this life's tough and uh, it's not getting any easier. So I started reading and one of the first books that I read was Pleasure. The first few books I started to read were Pleasure, but then I started to develop this hunger. To take myself out of my body and get into someone else's thought process. I fell in love with reading and where it could take my mind once again, it was a way to escape, a creative way to escape this RA reality. So I read a few books, obviously, I think I read the Bible maybe five times, right? And not that I'm preaching Christianity to the audience here, but the Bible's a compilation of stories, biblical stories of some type of ethical value throughout all of time. Yeah. And those things aren't really aligned to Christianity. They're pre Christianity. Right. Especially the Old Testament. A lot of those stories are in alignment with things that are in the crayon. Like Christianity and Korean are like about a hundred years apart. Muhammad and Jesus were on the planet. It was just one century apart, right? Mm-hmm. So in the scale of time, that's relatively same, same space in time, right? And our message isn't that far off, so I really resonated with that. The. , the biblical terms in the Bible. Not down to the text in the scripture, but the, the broad scopes of what those books are saying. Um, and I applied, I've read countless number of, uh, military books, tactics, sun Sue, I mentioned Sun Sue here. So Sun Sue was one of the books that kind of brought me into my tactical, um, prowess, if you will, and kind of the art of the Samurai, the selfless endeavor, like extreme discipline and honor and no retreat, and you die on the battlefield like Vikings and the Spartans and 300 and the Battle of Ther Monopoly and how they overcame the Persians with, uh, a low number of troops down to the last Spartan. They died defending Sparta when they knew that they didn't have the cohesiveness of the Greek state to battle. , the spart, the um, Persian army. So these things kind of resonated with me, but there were kind of messages that I identified over time that sort of started to make sense that I put together in life later. Right? One of them is you're selfless endeavor. So if you live a life of challenge, right? You restrict what goes into your body nutritionally and you embark on difficult physical activity, right? That's why they trekked far, far, they took long hikes across the, across the world to go see, uh, some temple somewhere and, and pro and they restricted food for 30 days, you know, through, through self challenge, right? These things, these steps of adversity are really proofing what you can endure. Yeah. Right? And they raise your spiritual level. , right? So that behavior I noted. I also noted that you needed to live a life of selflessness, of high ethics, right? It never benefited anybody just to be a douchebag trying to get the next pleasure, right? You're not going in the right direction. You'll have a hard time bringing in love into your life. And then I learned is that you need to be everything you want to be. This is something I've learned over the years and um, I may have read it somewhere. So I don't have a specific book. I mean, I've read Napoleon Hill, uh, winning the Vil. That's a good one. Obviously I've tons of books that I've read in the different space. Um, I'm getting into the stoics. Um, I've read Play-Doh and other books and stories, Martin Luther King, um, anybody, one, I've read books on Hitler. Not that he was a great man, but his way to move the masses is the way Yeah. Leadership, I mean, yeah, communication skill. That guy convinced people to go, yeah. Do horrible atrocities and not that what he did was a good concept, but his ability to move and speak to the masses. The fact that he was at the club back in, you know, back in the days, I mean, he was a low life and how this dude moves a whole country. I mean, it's just like, how in the hell did that even happen? So how the fuck did he convince the Germans to do that? Just few decades after World War I. Crazy. After World War I coming out of prison. Right. How did he do that? I'm interested in. How he spoke to people. Yeah. Not what he accomplished. I don't idol analyze Hitler or think anything he did was good. It was absolutely atrocious. But his mechanism, how he communicated, he was a good communicator. Other communicators throughout a history, I read their books. Obama's a good communicator. Whether you voted for him or not, the guy gives a great fucking speech. Mm-hmm. , I want to know how he's doing that. Mm-hmm. right. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, the list goes on and on and on and on. Wes Watson is a great speaker. Mm-hmm. , they speak in such a way it's captivated. I have that curiosity of how I get better. So I've read all kinds of books. Um, I, I can't point out any of 'em of the notes. And you said from the Koran, I've read the Koran when I was in combat fighting the war on terrorism. It's good to understand your enemy. I need to understand the thought process of the enemy so I can exploit their weakness and to, and avoid their strengths. . Right. It's hard to get into a knife fight with someone that believes they're going to go to heaven if they die by your hand. Yeah. Right. That is, that's a very beneficial data point to understand about the mindset of your enemy. Yeah. You need to understand what you're dealing with because you've got to outplay them on the chess field Yeah. Of, of the battle. You need to understand that so you can exploit their strengths. Like we don't want to be, go see who's gonna play chicken in the Humvee with a guy that's an extreme, extreme Islamic terrorist because he wants to die. He thinks he's going to heaven. Mm-hmm. , and he's going to take me with him. So I want to avoid that situation the best I can because he has the upper. , right? So I, so I read these books. So one of the concepts of the warrior stuff is selfless. You must embrace death. The moment you embrace death. As a warrior, you have a clarity on the battlefield because you're holding back. You are scared of death and death. The worry of death is in the way of your decisions. You need to take that mental block and embrace death. And how I did that on the battlefield at my time was I assumed I was already dead. Hmm. Mentally I knew I had a spirit and that the spirit was gonna live on. Uh, Einstein says, energy moves between states, energy to mass, mass, back to energy, but it never dies. It's eternal. We know this. This is science. So the energy in me, there's elements in me that came from a dying star. They're only produced when a star explodes some of the compounds inside a human body. So I am. A living star in some ways down at the Adam level, that star lives on inside of me, even though it had to die. So I live on through my children, right? So I'm, I'm gonna live forever, right? The energy in my, my body will return back to the earth and my spirit will go somewhere else. But, uh, the energy inside of is gonna live forever. And the traces of that energy is infinite. It never goes away. So I embraced death so that I can make clear decisions. I just assumed I was dead every day, and that, that made every single breath and every single decision very rapid, right? We don't, we don't worry that the enemy could possibly get us like the, the infinite impossibility of what if is eating up your decision in the nap. Yeah. Yeah. The only time that I could ever control at the best of my ability is right in this moment. My thoughts, my actions. myself, speak what I put into my body, my physical activity, how I talk and treat with my girlfriend right now was always the time to not give my number out to that hot girl that wants to take me home right now was the time I needed to be strong. It wasn't tomorrow, it wasn't in the past. It was today. I can only control today through my actions. Yep. So that's how I got to the position of essentially my ethos on the battlefield and those books and those behaviors aligned with it. So pick your, pick your discomfort. And that's how they handle business. Yeah. Yeah. What a great conversation, man. Thank you so much for taking time out to come on. And, and I, I'm, I'm so happy to have connected with you and get to intro or get to introduce you to my audience. And, and, um, and, and the fact that you're just sharing everything about your life and, and, and making such an impact on so many people's lives, um, is, is, I, I'm so grateful for that. So where, where can people, uh, connect with you, uh, learn from you more, , no problem. So anybody in the world out there, and the whole planet of humans has an issue with their life, something I said resonates with you. You're in a deep, dark place. You're struggling with alcohol, addiction, physical fitness, nutrition. You wanna level up your business, you struggle in social media. Anything that you see, I'm doing well, or I said resonate. You can find me any day of the week on Instagram. So it's at San Diego, like the city underscore Clinton one. If there's something wrong in your world, I can help you fix it, right? If you just need to talk with someone about depression, anxiety, suicide, you're having a tough time, don't hesitate to message. I'm on there all the time. Send me message. Say I need help. Like we'll set up a call and we'll, we'll onboard you and get you going immediately. Just like my life. This happens fast. So you don't need to think like, I need to wait a month to call and reach out to Clinton. You can, you can send a message at the end of this podcast or during the podcast, and I guarantee you I can onboard you and set you over the call and get you some time with me faster than you can blink. He's a man of action and he's a man of proven results. And, and he's not just saying that he's lived it, you know, he's, he's proven, um, in his own life what he can do. And now what he's doing is he can do that for you as well. So, Clinton, thanks so much for coming on. Uh, I look forward to learning more from you in the many, many years to come and, uh, and, and you're always welcome back here on the sales life. Thank you my man. Marsh, I appreciate your time. What you're doing is amazing. Never stop and we're out here to help the world and just. The little ways that we can. So just be better, uh, every single day and we're here to help and we know you can do it. Yep. So enjoy one inch better, one inch better. Keep it simple. Keep it moving. Never settle. Keep selling. Stay in the sales life.