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July 30, 2022

Do you have the right inner circle ⭕️ ?

Do you have the right inner circle ⭕️ ?

Is your inner circle pulling you down or pushing you forward?

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This is the sales life. I'm your host marsh B. And I created the sales life because I believe the number one skill that you need in your life to embrace uncertainty, handle the adversity and never settle again is the ability to sell, but you don't have to be in sales to learn how to sell. I'll take the skills that I've learned in the sales profession, and I'll show you how I've applied these to every area of my life and how you can too. Enjoy today's TSL moment and see how you can apply it to your life today. For more on the sales life. Go to marshbuice.com that's M a R S H B U I C E. Stay. there are two types of anchors in your life. And some of the anchors, you need 'em, but you're not fully utilizing 'em. And then there are other anchors in your life that you're gonna have to identify and learn to let go of if you truly wanna find peace and prosperity in your life. the first anchor in your life are confidants. Family members loved ones, but let me give you a qualifi. If they're going to be a positive anchor in your life, those confidantes family members loved ones must help you regulate your emotions through acceptance, reappraisal, and also expression. Go back and listen to a few episodes back where we talked about how to regulate your emotions through acceptance, those confidants, those family members, those loved ones. They help you accept what it is. It's a tough situation. Not gonna sugarcoat it. They help you reappraise it. Appraisal is what is reappraisal is putting a different spin. On how you can look at it through a different lens and expression. Is those confidants, those loved ones, those family members, they don't make it all about them. They don't try to Trump your storm and say, well, let me tell you about my storm. No, they let you express it, but they're also not going to let you dig a ditch. They're not gonna go down the rabbit hole with you and they're not gonna make the situation worse. The right productive anchors in your life are the ones that help you build a bridge. So that's the qualifier. So you need that, that productive anchor. And maybe these are people that you talk to all the time, but sometimes, maybe these are people that you just talk to every so often. Now I wanna tell you this, your children are not your anchors. So when you're in a storm, you are not permitted. To dump on them and tell them about every single wall you you're going to bring them down and, and they want to desperately help you, but they, they're not there for that. You need to set the example on yeah, you can give 'em little glimpses. Hey, this is tough. That's alright. Dad's gonna get through it. That's all they need to see, but you were not permitted to use them as an anchor in your life, Thanks for being a part of the sales life for more on the sales life. Go to marshbuice.com that's M a R S H B U I C E. Be sure and subscribe to not miss any future episodes. New episode every Sunday. Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale you own you because you're more than enough. Stay amazing. Stay in the sales life.