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Nov. 28, 2022

Even If It Is Temporary, Learn As If It Is Permanent

Even If It Is Temporary, Learn As If It Is Permanent

Unlike me, not everyone wants to devote half of their life to a career, but just because you see it as temporary, learn as if it is permanent. 

📌We may not be holding hands together, walking out of the gate wearing our gold retirement watch, but what's most important is what skills can you take with you into your future endeavors.

📌 I must confess that I've given up on salespeople who didn't see the sales profession as a permanent career. Still, I've learned to teach them everything I can as a sales professional that they can take with them while being a sales professional.

📌 One of the greatest compliments I can receive is when I run into former salespeople who tell me that they still use what they learned in the sales profession and dominate!

📌 On the flip side, even if you see the place you're working at as temporary, learn as if it is permanent. What do you have to lose? NOTHING! Soak it all in. Volunteer and take on even more work for two reasons.

📌1. You'll amass additional skills that you may need a decade from now.
2. You may find an area that does interest you that you can pursue further in another field.
📌The worst thing a leader or student can do is treat the moment as temporary.
📌As a leader, teaching deepens my knowledge.
📌As a student, learning it increases my value to society.
I talk more in-depth about this on this week's episode. See it on YouTube, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.