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Sept. 6, 2021

Do what you're made for, not what you're paid for.

On his "One Percent Better Podcast," host Joe Ferraro said, "If my podcast went away, I'd be sad, and if I never made a dime, I wouldn't be broken." 

It's truly something special when you can discover what it is you are made for. 

If I'd started The Sales Life Podcast to make money, I would've quit 600 episodes ago. With few listeners and little feedback, there were episodes it felt like I was speaking into a black hole. 

I didn't start the podcast to make money; I started it to make meaning out of my life. Bankrupt, demoted, divorced, and very dark, I created a podcast because I needed to hear from me. 

The Sales Life literally saved my life, and I've profited in ways that no amount of money could ever buy. 

Here are 7 ways I've profited:

1.. I made a decision. For years, I'd drifted back and forth in starting a podcast. Now that I was on the bottom rung in life, what better time to start.

2. Consistency. My mission every day was to fill at least one sheet of legal paper with my thoughts  (& still is to this day see this tweet ) 

3. Commitment. I decided to create a 5-minute podcast every day. The "only 5 minutes" was a way to trick my mind into writing for an hour or more. 

4. Clarity in thinking. Every 25-50 episodes, my thinking is more clear and concise. 

5. Communicate. I don't ramble and am more decisive both in person and behind the mic. 

6. Creative & curious. Because I have an upcoming episode, EVERYTHING is material for me. I am fascinated with asking questions and connecting the dots between what I've learned and how I can apply it in my Sales Life. 

7. Courageous. If I go back through and listen to all 658 episodes of The Sales Life, I can hear the times when I was scared, angry, and wanted to end it all, proving that I was courageous enough to push through. As a bonus, it is an audio archive of content for my children to discover their dad's struggles when they are older. 

This is only a fraction of what The Sales Life means to me. I point this out in hopes that you, too, will find that creative, sacred area in your life where you do what you're made for, not just what you're paid for. 

If you can find it, it'll take you to places no employer ever can. 

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