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Dec. 26, 2021

Do what you cannot do.

Do what you cannot do.

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote, "You must do what you cannot do." You'll develop strength, character, confidence, and belief if you do. 

So let me get this right. 

"Do what you cannot do...."

FAIL, and I'll develop strength by getting back up.

FAIL, and I'll develop confidence because I pushed past the fear. 

FAIL and realize that not only did I survive, but my beliefs began to change. "Maybe I can do this."

FAIL, and my reputation begins to change. 

Doing what you cannot do is like Life gave you a hall pass and said, "Do it, fail, and I will reward you with strength, character, confidence, and belief." 

It's like there's a pot of gold on the other side of failing that no one wants because they're too scared to fail, but if I'm willing to fail, I'll earn strength, character, confidence, and belief?


Name one person right now who doesn't wish they were more assertive, more confident, wanted to change their beliefs, and was unflappable?

And it's right on the other side of doing what you cannot do. 

When's the last time you did something for the first time? And when you failed, how fast did you run back at it again?

Do what you cannot do. 

The only thing I would change in Mrs. Roosevelt's quote would be to add the word "repeatedly."

That's the qualifier to developing strength, character, confidence, and belief. 

Doing what you cannot do is like trying that new exercise at the gym. The video made it look easy, but it looked terrible when you first tried it. Even though you felt stupid and looked foolish, you stayed with it and banged out a few sets. 

In the following workout, you try the same exercise again. This time it's not so bad. Two weeks later, you're so good at it that you're showing others how to do your favorite exercise. As a benefit, both inside and out, you look and feel different (confidence); you've developed new muscles (strength); you're looking on Instagram for new exercises (belief), and you're becoming that go-to person (character).

I'd rather know that I can't through trying than think that I can't by assuming. 

Doing what you cannot do brings benefits of strength, character, confidence, and belief. Assuming that you cannot do bears the consequences of weakness, lack of confidence, doubt, and unreliable. 

Doing what you cannot do goes for all actions.

Reach out to that well-known author to be on your podcast. 

Ask the out-of-my-league person out for dinner. 

Throw your name in the hat for the VP position or large sales territory. 

Call on your competitor's giant, whale of an account. 

Do what you "cannot" do. 

What's the worst that can happen? A no? A fail?

But what are the benefits of repeatedly doing this over and over again? More strength, character, confidence, and belief. 

I'm pulling for you. 

Remember, the greatest sale you'll ever make is to sell you on you. Never settle; keep selling no matter what. 

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