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Sept. 20, 2022

3 Ways Handling Pressure Is Beneficial To Your Success

3 Ways Handling Pressure Is Beneficial To Your Success

Pressure is not the bad word that others make it out to be, nor do you have to be a superhero with ice running through your veins to handle pressure situations better. The only difference between you and others is making pressure an obligation and no longer an option.

"I got options, baby!" ❌

They say that pressure is a privilege, but first, it has to be an obligation and no longer an option.

Most people avoid pressure at all costs because the consequences are rejection, ridicule, and embarrassment, so we stay out of the crosshairs of failure, hoping that it'll either go away or someone else will take the first punch.Do that for a couple of decades, and avoidance becomes a way of life.

Sure, pressure carries risks, but it also has massive (and I mean huge rewards. 

Here are three ways handling pressure is beneficial to your success. 

Do hard sh*t. ✅

Everything you do has a 100% outcome.You may not always like the results, but the feedback you get by doing hard sh*t will dramatically change your life.


1. Pressure creates a new narrative. ✅

You can't achieve new results using old narratives. You need some new material otherwise, in tough times, the only thing you'll keep reminding yourself of is all of the other times you made a mess of things. 

Doing hard things will create new narratives and push down the old, detrimental ones.

You can't use an eraser in life, but you can add pages. ~ Humble The Poet

2. Pressure creates a mental Rolodex. ✅

You need some "been there, done that" material. So when hard times come again (& they will), you will have some good, juicy hard-as-sh*t moments to be reminded of to help push you through. 

3. Pressure makes you relatable. ✅

How can you help others if you've been living in Rainbow Land your whole life?The people I gravitate toward most are the ones who can relate to what I am going through. I believe half of the experiences are for you and the other half is for you to connect to others.

"Marv, did you see that?!" ✅

In sports, analysts always lean toward the athletes with the most experience at that level. When it's all on the line, and there's a decimal of time left on the clock, the most favored athlete is the one who has been in those moments before and succeeded. Even when they miss, they're always wanting to take the last shot because the pressure is an obligation, not an option.

You may not be playing in the Superbowl, but you are playing the championship of LIFE.

If you do what others won't, you will have what others can't.

In what other ways has handling pressure been beneficial to you?


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