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Jan. 26, 2023

747. 3 Criteria Needed To Condition Yourself For SUCCESS

747. 3 Criteria Needed To Condition Yourself For SUCCESS

You don't run a marathon on Day 1, nor do you squat 525 lbs. the day you join a gym. Success in any area is possible IF you condition yourself for success. 

In this episode, you'll learn the 3 criteria for conditioning yourself for success especially in your weak areas. (Gotcha!)

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the only way that you're going to get better and more proficient is you have to be willing to subject yourself to those conditions even though they feel awkward, even though it's embarrassing, You can't bring the results that you normally would in other areas that you're comfortable with, it's because of the conditioning. Alright, t s l, let's get it. Welcome, welcome, welcome to another edition of the Sales Life. I'm your host, marsh B now. I created the sales life because I believe the number one skill that you need in your life. Is the ability to sell. Sales is a profession. Selling is a life skill. And there are three things that every one of us on this planet are battling against. Adversity, uncertainty, and complacency. Good news is I've done a lot of the legwork for you. I have taken the skills that I've learned in over 24 years of the sales profession. And I'll show you how I, I've applied five skills to every area of my life to overcome some of the toughest moments in my life. Obesity, demotion, bankruptcy, homelessness, suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, I took the skills that I learned in the profession, and I applied those to those situations and overcame ' em. to make it easy. Those five skills all start with the letter C it's communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning and action, and productive confrontation. Now if you found value in today's episode, please pay it forward and share this message with someone else. Also, if you wanna see my pretty face, you can catch me on YouTube. And I'd love for you to join us now, if you're ready to take these skills to another level, registration is opening up for one-on-one coaching, and on this coaching I'll develop a customized program to bulletproof your mind and maximize your life. So that way you can achieve the best version of you. I can't emphasize how important coaching is in your life. Sometimes you need someone to pat you on the back are the days you need someone to kick you in the ass. Good news is you got me to do both. So go to marsh b.com. That's M A R S H B U I C E, and sign up for your coaching today. While you're at marsh b.com, there's tons of free resources. Have a walk around whatever you need you got, but also on the bottom right is a microphone from me to you. Let me know what's your favorite episode R, what's going on in your world? and how I can help. I'm no hair, but I'm all ears. So let's rock out with today's episode. And remember, the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale You on. You stay amazing. Confidence is a conditioning. In order to develop confidence, there's a criteria for the conditioning. A conditioning is something that you do. Over and over again, on a specific task, so that way you become more acclimated and more proficient at it. If you think about it, you have an area that you are like really good at, you're really confident at because you've subjected yourself to those conditions so many times. Where other people are like, dude, how do you do that? And you're like, I don't know. I can't really explain it. You can't explain it because you've just put yourself over and over and over again in those conditions, and that's why you're able to bring consistent results. Now, on the flip side, think about areas that you're not good at and you really shy away from. And the reason why you shy away from those areas is because when the conditions arose, you bail. you found another path. Because you lacked the confidence and didn't have a belief in yourself that you could bring about the results that you normally would in other situations. Case in point, I have salespeople who when they're at the store, are like class clowns. They're productive, they're funny, they're witty. They're charming. Yet when I see them in a social setting, Like a party. They're like a shell of the person that I see at the stores. Like, is this the same person? Why is that? Because they haven't conditioned themselves for the conditions that they're in. And I use that as an example because there are certain area. That you lack conditioning in, and the only way that you're going to get better and more proficient is you have to be willing to subject yourself to those conditions even though they feel awkward, even though you, you look dumb. Even though it's embarrassing, Even though you can't bring the results that you normally would in other areas that you're comfortable with, it's because of the conditioning. I've seen sales people who were really good at face to face with customers, yet when they get on the phone, they just nut up. They, they will avoid the phone at all cost. They just don't want anything to do with the phone. And I'm like, why is that? If a customer hit you with an objection and you're standing face to face, you know how to handle that situation. Yet, if a customer hit you with an objection over the phone, which should be in, in, in logic, it should be easier because they're not face to face. It is like you totally forget how to handle it. It's because of the conditioning. Is it because you can't see 'em? Because if you FaceTimed them, you probably wouldn't be good at that either. Dude, I remember when we switched over and started selling. on Zoom. It's a whole different skill set. I developed, I don't know, 21, 22 years of a certain way of selling, and now I had to do it over a camera. From the outside it seems like it's the same thing, right? It seems like it's no big deal. I don't know what it was. I can't explain it, and I try to tell people who come on board with me, I say, look, dude, I'm telling you it's totally different. They're like, And then when they get it, they're like, whew. It is, it's because of the conditioning. You have to condition yourself over and over and over again. On the other side, I've seen salespeople who were really good on the phone. I mean, they can handle themselves on the phone. They can set the appointments, their ratios for setting appointments are through the roof. Yet when the customer comes to the store, they can't convert. They can't convert. Why? Because they lack the conditioning. They repeatedly subject themselves to what they're good at on the phone. Yet when the customer comes face to face, because they haven't been able to produce the same sort of results, and it's a different skill set. They don't know how to handle themselves. , here's what I don't understand, a salesperson like that we'll make all the calls, we'll set all the appointments and will split their commission when a customer comes into the store instead of subjecting themselves to the conditions so that way they can get the conditioning. There are people from the outside who say, oh, I'd be good in sales cuz I can talk. Yeah, but you can't convert. And that's a totally different skill set. They haven't subjected themselves to the conditioning of being able to face some of that objection. Overcome the objections and push forward against the resistance. They fade out of the business because they thought all it took was all I gotta do is talk. Hell no. It's a lot more than that. Now proper conditioning for better confidence has three criteria. It's consistency is strength and stamina, and you gotta have all three. So the consistency, you've gotta have. Thousands of experiences over and over again to begin to categorize certain situations so they become more familiar with you. The consistent reps is what makes you familiar with the ill feelings that you have, and the more you subject yourself to these feelings the quieter, those feelings get, you'll still feel 'em, but you're familiar and you don't fade to 'em. You just learn to move them, or you channel 'em as fuel to bring about the results. So you need thousands and thousands of consistent reps to develop. That experience bank, and through the Experience Bank, you've had so many different scenarios, things become a little bit more familiar for you. In addition to consistency, for proper conditioning, for developing more confidence, you also need strength. That means that. Just like going to the weight room. You can't work on upper body all the time and you're gonna have weak legs. It's total, and that's what you have to do. You need strength. It's adding tension each time through the consistent reps. So when you feel that little bit of a pushback, that little bit of internal negotiation, you push forward just a little bit. You just inch forward just a little bit more. You push into that tension and when you do, you get better at it. You get stronger. It's like adding that two and a half pounds to the weight bar. Just a little added weight. And the third criteria for conditioning for better confidence is you gotta have stamina. You gotta have mental, physical and emotional stamina because you've gotta be able to hang in there. It's been a long day. You've gotta be able to mentally hang in there and not get outta character. Even though the situation is frustrating, even though it looks like it's all lost, that you hang in there so that way you can bring about a productive result. The only time it's a waste of your time is if you didn't give the full effort. It's when you pulled up, when you snapped because you didn't develop the stamina. Look, you don't run a marathon on day one. You start with a half mile, then you go to a mile, then you go to two, then you go to four. It's a conditioning, it's a gradualness of it all, but every single time it's the reps, it's the strength, it's the stamina. You don't go into the weight room and instantly squat 5 25. It's a conditioning. You may start with a bar. Then you go to 95, then you go to 1 45. Then you start adding plates from there. It's a conditioning, it's an increase in weight. It's the reps. It's the strength, it's the stamina, all in one It's those three criteria. Look, you gotta get worse before you'll ever get better, and through consistently getting better every single day, that's the way you'll become great. Remember, the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sale you on you because you're more than enough. Keep it simple. Keep it moving. Never settle. Keep selling. Stay in the sales life.