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May 22, 2022

694. 6 Reasons Why You Need To Be The G.O.A.T. 🐐

694. 6 Reasons Why You Need To Be The G.O.A.T. 🐐

Being a G.O.A.T. isn't what's put on the wall, it's what you put into this world. Don't settle in the one and only life that you have. Here are 6 reasons why you need to be the "Greatest Of Your Time." 

  1. Play to the opportunity, not the current position. 
  2. Your future is uncertain. 
  3. Experience is necessary in order to relate to others. 
  4. Pay if forward by teaching others. 
  5. Brings your "what" & "why's" into alignment. 
  6. Make sure it counts. 
  7. BONUS (Gotta listen to hear this one)

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Alright T S L let's get it. Six reasons why you need to be the goat. In all that you do. And none of it has to do with bragging rights so much more than that. I'm your host Marsh Buice and this is The Sales Life. And if you join the sales life, you're going to learn the number one life skill to never settle and be ready for anything. So you don't have to be in sales to learn how to sell. There are five skills that you already have within now. I'll help you develop them. So you'll never go without, and the beautiful thing is no one can ever, ever, ever take these skills away from you. So if you want to have more, do more, be more than say no more. Let's get on with today's episode. Six reasons why you need to be the goat. In all that you do. Number one, you got to play to the opportunity, not the obligation. Why would you just play to. To your bills, why play to what you have to make? That's how you stay broke. Andy Grove, the founder of Intel said only the paranoid survive and you gotta be paranoid and all that you do because you can only coast in one direction and that's sliding backwards. So when you play to the opportunity, It's advancement. It's right there for the taking in so many people. We want the bigger results yet. We only play to the obligation. This is what I need to make this month. This is what I need to pay my bills and no more. And we, and we lay up or sometimes we'll hit a whirlwind and things will get really, really good for us. But then the following week, What he's up to mandate, but you gotta be the goat because this is the youngest that you will ever be. So you might as well take, take it for granted, dude. You almost gotta have like a professional athletes mindset. The next man up, see pro athletes, don't get into the pros and think that they can just lay up. They can't. They understand that what got them, there is not going to keep them there. So they are going to have to, they're going to have to advance. They're going to have to evolve and adapt and play to the opportunity itself. Number two reason why you need to be the goat, your future's uncertain, man. It is. And see things are good for you right now, but you never know when life may take a shift on you. And so life shifts things happen. You never know, man. God forbid it happens, but you're on your way to work and you get into a horrible accident and all of a sudden you're out for months. See, when you only played to the obligation to your bills. He don't have anything to fall back on because you were doing just enough to get through a month, but see, when you become the goat, then what you're doing is you're playing to the opportunity. You're stacking those things. 'cause, you know, that the future is uncertain. You never know, man, your, one of your kids may get into some sort of legal issues. And you got to spend a lot of money to get that straightened out. You never know. As your parents get, get up there in age, that one of them is going to have to come stay with you see, but if you're not playing to be the goat, the greatest of your time, you won't be able to help him. Number three reason why you need to be the goat. Experiences necessary. I can't stress this enough. See, how can you be relatable? Or how can you relate to others if you've never. Had multitudes of experience. See I'm in sales and the thousands and thousands of people that I've worked with in over two decades of. Uh, pretty much been in similar situations. So that's an advantage for me because I gained the experience and I didn't do just enough. I've got so many experiences that when a customer needs my help, when others need my help outside of sales, I have that experience. And I can leverage that experience and say, because you got to understand, man, sometimes when people come to you. This is the hardest it's ever been for them, but it's not the hardest that I'll ever be case in point. Have one of your kids walk up to you and tell you at age 13, it looks like it's the worst thing in the world. Right? And when you're talking to them, are you listening to them? And they're talking, it looks like it's the end of the world. And you're sitting there inside. You're kind of laughing to yourself. You're like, It gets way harder than this, but see, in a, in a, in a bigger version, if you don't work to be the goat every single day, the greatest of your time, then you won't have enough experiences to draw upon and be a benefit to someone else. Number four, fourth reason to be the goat. Bro. You've got to pay it forward, got to pay it forward someone, and think about this right now. Who in your life made an impression who taught you something? All of us have someone, if not many someones, someone took the time. And invested in you important to you poured everything they had into. I think of sales managers that I've worked with over the years made a tremendous impact in my life. And I was able to draw on those resources. As I got older, I think of loved ones who have helped me and poured into me and invested into me. That's why you got to be the goat, man. You gotta be the greatest of your time. So that way you can pay it forward and help someone else and invest in someone else can't want it for them. They gotta want it too. They gotta put forth the work, but you can also be that investment. Now, let me tell you, what's even cooler about this when you pay it forward and you teach it to someone else, a selfish benefit to this is. It's a deeper learning on your part. One of the greatest benefits that I have in doing the sales life and showing up and doing nearly 700 episodes to say I'm a selfish benefactor. I get to learn it more because I have to get on the mic and I have to share and teach. I get to learn it even more. Number five, the reason why you need to be the goat, the greatest of your time, your what and your whys align, see your, what is in your paycheck. You, why that's your wealth. And when you strive to be the goat, the greatest of all time, your what and your why's what you do. And why you do it align with one another. So again, I'm in sales. So many people that I interview, they say, oh, I want to get into sales. Why? Because I'm good with people. Okay. Well, if that's the case and you're not working with as many customers as possible. You're what just enough, does not align with your, why, why you supposedly got into the business. So when this happens, and this is why you're in congruent, this is why you're not getting the results because it's cognitive dissonance. What's your, it's two totally different meanings. Your what and your why don't align. And so no wonder you get inconsistent results. So what's in, what's important with, this is if, if in sales, if you don't work and seize as many opportunities as you possibly can and work them all the way through, then you're violating your why, why you even got into the business. See, what you're really saying is, is I'm okay with that customer that I worked with are chose not to work with. Saw them & let somebody else take them. I'm okay with them buying possibly an inferior product from an inferior salesperson. If you worked so hard to invest so much in your craft and your art, then why would you be so quick? To let someone else seize the opportunity. It's crazy to me. And this is when you violate why you do what you do. So while you don't get the results, number six, the reason why you need to be the goat, the greatest of your time, you're setting an example. To others, you're setting an example to your loved ones. You're setting an example to your kids. And when you do just enough, what do you think your kids are going to do? Just enough? It makes me think back to Michael Strahan. And Michael Strahan is a hall of fame. Defensive lineman played for the giants he greatest one of the greatest of all times, but although he signed, you know, and made a lot of money, very lucrative, he says, I show my kids every. What hard work looks like setting the example. You got to show your loved ones. What hard work looks like? You got to show others who are watching what you do. What hard work looks like. So striving to be the goat, the greatest of your time. You're setting the bar for others to reach up to you don't want the bar to be set where they just read straight out. Our God forbid you set the bar so low that others have to stoop down. Man, set that thing high and it takes a lot of work. It takes a lot. Out of you fatigue, pushing yourself. Don't want to do it. Resisting the emotions that are screaming at you. This is not just for me. I'm setting the example for others, for my kids as well. Last one let's get outta here. Reason why you need to be the goat. This is probably the greatest reason the bonus, bro. You only get one lap in his life. Make sure it counts. Make sure that others know that you here. Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sell you on you. This is the reason why I end every episode with the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale you own. You, you are the greatest sale. You are the best bet. Always bet on you. Thanks so much for listening to today's episode. You want more? I got you covered head over to the home of the sales life. Go to the sales life.me. That's thesaleslife.me and the top right. Are links to all the socials where I hang out and in the bottom, right. Is a microphone from you. To me, leave me a message. Let me know what's going on in your world and how it can help. I'm no hair, but I'm all ears while you're there. Enjoy thousands of free resources from blogs to podcasts and also a link to the YouTube sales life channel. Never settle. Keep selling stay sales life