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March 24, 2022

685. You Got 5 Minutes! Quantity or Quality? Show Me Your Work.

685. You Got 5 Minutes! Quantity or Quality? Show Me Your Work.

The age-old question: Quantity or quality? Which is more important?

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Quantity or quality. You're listening to the sales life, the top 5% podcasts in the world. I'm your host marsh buice. . And this is a series I call you got five minutes and in five minutes or less, I'm a prime your mind. Get you in, get you out and get your home with your life. So the age old question, quantity or quality. So which one is it? I believe quantity creates the quality. See a third grader, doesn't start off shooting like Steph Curry and a Steph Curry. Wouldn't be where he is today. Heading that started off as third grader. It was hundreds and thousands of hours. The quantity created the quality of his game. This is why I want you to get started now, number one, get off zero. Number two, get past one. So if you're thinking about getting into sales, if you think about starting your podcast, if you're a teacher and influence your YouTube whatever creative that you got, business owner, t-shirt business. Go quantity, quantity, quantity, Because see if you're only focused on quality, if you're saying I gotta get this thing perfect. Before I ship it, you never going to get started because you're always going to feel like it needs a little more work. You're always going to feel like you're not good enough. You're always going to feel like an imposter. You're always going to wish that you had someone else's talent or more resources and you never get started. Dude, let me tell you something. I lost, I don't know, five to seven years of starting my podcast. I kept procrastinating thinking. I needed certain things to get started when all I had to do was get off zero. Just go because even your best work that you think is your absolute best, it's going to seem amateurish a year from now and childlike three years from now. The quantity is what's going to build your toolbox and see in that toolbox, you're going to build new skills, new knowledge, new techniques, new connections, these are tools that you can't buy. You can only earn. And what's cool about it is it's like you're building the airplane in motion through the reps. And as you're building that thing, not only are you building it along the way, but you're also building a following as well. People that see what you're doing, like what you're doing. And they become your bandmates. They champion you along the way. There are people who have rocked with a The Sales Life since 2017, somehow some way they stumbled across me. They liked what I was doing, and they've been encouraging me the whole time through versus what if I would have been one of those people that you know, I'm working on. You know, those kinds of people that when you say, Hey, what you up to that you say, I'm working on something. No, show me your work, put it out there. And what you'll do is because no, put it out there because if you don't. I'm going to forget about you. I'm not even going to think about you. And then when you release it to the world, not only do you have to introduce yourself to the world, but you got to introduce your idea to it as well. Just put it out there now. See here's the thing. The quality is naturally going to come. It does because your quantity, what you're shipping out there, you start holding yourself to a different standard. You start listening and looking at things through a different lens because through the rep. What you know, what you're doing is improving and as it improves, so to do your expectations. And so to do your outcomes, remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you because you're more than enough. Stay amazing. Stay in the sales life.