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July 23, 2020

561. Wide open for NO

561. Wide open for NO

There are 2 things in your Sales Life you may not like. To Read and to feel Rejection. Well, I have you covered on both today. 

"Go For NO. Yes is the destination. No is how you get there," by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz is a great 74 page parable that'll help you embrace instead of avoid the word NO. 

Fenton and Waltz write that there are 5 levels of failure. Today we'll talk about the first 3. 

Level 1: The ability to fail. 100% of people have this ability, but most never get past this level. 

Level 2: The willingness to fail. A small percentage see this level as "part of the job."

Level 3: The wantingess to fail.  The few-few reside here where they actually have a wantingness to fail because they have the faith to know that success will follow.  

If your eye twitches or mouth goes dry when you hear the word NO, then this is an episode you definitely want to tune into. 

Connect and say Hi to Andrea Waltz @goforno on Twitter and grab a copy of Go for No right here.

"Remember the greatest sale you'll ever make is to sell you on you."

The greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you. You're more than enough. Never settle. Keep Selling.