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July 15, 2020

555."Be the VoiceOver actor in your own life."


❤️ today's episode! 

Emmy Award winning voice over artist Tasia Valenza  was recently on Jordan Paris' Podcast where she dropped a bomb 💣on me, "Be the voice over actor in your own life so you can play your personal and professional roles more successfully."

Mic drop 🎤...

Think of a movie trailer. The tonality of the voice has to go along with the tone of the movie. You can't have a squeaky voice for a dramatic picture nor would a serious dramatic tone evoke you to check out a comedy either. 

Today's episode is a head rocker. 🤯 Both professionally and personally, be the voice over actor in your own life. 

🔥 Big thanks to Jordan and Tasia's amazing convo. Be sure and check out Jordan Paris' Growth Mindset University 

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