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May 25, 2020

510. Even when it doesn’t make sense, work certain

510. Even when it doesn’t make sense, work certain

(Sorry for the audio quality. Experimenting w/ new equipment so I need to tweak it.)

On his show Maxed Out, Ed Mylett made an off-hand comment to John Maxwell. “Who would’ve ever thought a preacher could leave his church and go on to become one of the most prolific thought leaders in business (& life), selling over 30 million books.”

Maxwell responder, “It doesn’t make sense does it?”

I’m sure, taking the leap into the business world over two decades ago & looking back on the millions of lives he’s impacted still doesn’t make sense...

Even though it didn’t (& still doesn’t) make sense, Maxwell worked certain.

Your senses are robbing you because you are forming a perception (mental map) of your future using what you can currently touch, taste, smell, hear, & see.

“It just doesn’t make sense...”

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