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March 24, 2020

#448 Who's holding your charge?

#448 Who's holding your charge?

Sometimes I'll grab the keys to a ballin' $60,000 truck equipped with the panoramic sunroof, 12" screen with navigation, heated and ventilated seats, remote start and 22" rims, jump into the seat and the truck won't start...so I have to run all the way back inside, grab the battery box and jump the truck off, but as soon as I remove the cables, the truck dies.

It won't hold a charge.

At a reading of 12.7 volts a battery is considered fully charged...

At 12.4 the battery drops to 75% charged...

At 12.2 = only 50% charged...

& at 12= the battery is only 25% charged.

Anything less than 12, the battery is dead.


Many times we look only at the first 2 numbers in our lives and because it reads 12, we think we're good...

But the tenths matter.

At .7 we're fully charged @ .4 =75% @ .2=50%.. and below 12 we're dead...

Today's episode asks the question, "Who's holding your charge?"

Negative, toxic people, news, relationships, poor eating and overall bad habits are all draining your life.

From your vantage point it seems small....and you're right it is small..,but the tenths add up.


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