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March 9, 2020

#444 How do you plan on showing up (full episode)

#444 How do you plan on showing up (full episode)

How do you plan on showing up today?

Not professionally...I think we all have that pattern down, but how do you plan on showing up personally?

I’ve always prided myself in being strong both physically & emotionally in front of my kids. No matter how bad things were, I never let them in on my battles. In some ways that’s right to do- their job is to be a kid, my job is to protect & provide, but my job is not to hide & I’ve hidden emotionally from my children their whole lives.

The problem with hiding my emotions from them is that I’m teaching them to hide their emotions from me & they’re left to battle through life with an “I’m fine” facade.

The question is simple, "How do you plan on showing up?" The answer is not. Never settle, keep selling your way through life.

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