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Dec. 3, 2019

#423 Feed the Ego

#423 Feed the Ego

A friend of mine has been so committed to earning his health back that he was rushing to the gym after work to put in a 12 minute workout before they closed.

He was feeding the ego...

Most people would say to themselves that it’s not enough time to make any difference...but enough of those “offhand moments” will pay off massively.

That’s that Ego Juice you need today...

When it’s not the perfect time or situation, you make do with what you got.

No time to clean the whole house? Feed the ego and wash the dishes or fold a load of clothes.

No time to read a chapter? Feed the ego & read 1 page...

No time for an hour workout? Feed the ego and get in 10 minutes.

The store’s about to close? Feed the ego and work a few leads, make a few calls, or learn a product you’re not good at presenting.

Feed your ego because even though it’s not optimal, you can mark it as done ✅

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