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Dec. 1, 2019

#422 Keep the threats perceived & the challenges real

#422 Keep the threats perceived & the challenges real

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Stress can be destructive...but it can also be a powerful resource as well depending on which bucket you put a stressful situation into. Threat or Challenge? How well you perform under pressure depends on if you perceive the situation as a threat or a challenge. If you see it as a threat you’re filled with emotions such as fear, anger, shame, & self-doubt & because you see it as a threat, you’ll protect yourself. Which is why when you’re in a productive rut, it seems like every one & every thing is conspiring against you & you stay stuck in a vicious cycle of poor results. Very few moments in life are actual threats, but we respond to them as so. Today’s episode will teach you how to push your response in any situation from a threat to a challenge in order to be more productive.

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