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Nov. 27, 2019

#421 It’s not for you

#421 It’s not for you
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Authors are told that they should never read their reviews because the tendency is to get discouraged once you read the scathing opinions left behind the 1 ⭐️... When you release your art into the world-whether it be a podcast, blog, video, or even selling, & someone disses your work, keep working...keep releasing your work..& keep it moving by whispering, “It’s not for you.” A rude customer...or nasty comments can quickly discourage you and snuff out your good vibes causing you to quit too soon. not everybody appreciates your art... & to the ones who don’t? “It’s not for you...” Don’t digest someones hurtful words or actions by pleading your case. “It’s not for you...” because you’re not for everybody, but you are for somebody who needs what you do... In sales, I deal with rude customers who won’t allow me to fully help-do I still try? Yes... Don’t get sucked into their tension, try to unpack their fears & shed new light... Try different angles & introduce different perspectives in order to help them see it differently, but if they cut you off at the knees...finish & find the next one by saying, “It’s not for you.” “It’s not for you” keeps you psychologically in the game. Selling, podcasting, blogging- any creative requires you to be vulnerable & people will try to crush you when you’re wide open. No need to track the reviewer or commenter down...no need to replay the scenario to 5 other salespeople...they didn’t like your work... Cool...because “It’s not for you.” Stay in The Sales 💪ife

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