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Oct. 8, 2019

#410 ....then act like it

#410 ....then act like it

When the alarm went off, the only thing I wanted to do was not to do...

I had the “don’t wants” bad...

My mission is to complete 30 workouts in 30 days because I’d let my “never miss twice” mantra slip...

The voices in my head were screaming at me w/ rationales to take it easy today & double up tomorrow...

& I almost gave in until I read...

🔥”You can act your way into a feeling long before you can feel your way into an action.” ~John Maxwell

Today’s episode: Act like it!

If you want to lose 40, earn $100k, or sell 40...then act like it.

Whatever massive results you want won’t come from feelings...only action.

And it’s hard to act when you ain’t feeling it...

You’re feelings will plead with you to try another day...act any way. 🔥That’s just your feelings trying to maintain control.

Feelings is what got you here...acting will take you “there.”

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