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Aug. 31, 2019

#404 A shield...a sword...& a sanctuary

#404 A shield...a sword...& a sanctuary

When asked if he gets nervous before an NBA basketball game he said, “Nah...basketball doesn’t make me nervous...people, family, & life off the court make me nervous.”

“Basketball is my shield...no matter what’s going on in my life, I can lace up and just play ball.”

Thinking he’s about to quit on me, I confront my salesperson. “I’m not quitting, Marsh, I’m just dealing w/ a lot of shit right now.”

“I took yesterday off to go play golf & get away from it all.”

Golf was his sanctuary...

🔥Many people have a shield w/ no sanctuary...& others have a sanctuary w/ no shield.

You need both.

A shield to protect you...

A sanctuary to provide rest.

You must create both because life is brutal...

& if you have no shield...no barrier to protect you from life’s hardships, you’ll drown in defeat.

🔥The car business...this podcast...my videos are a shield for me.

A place where I can be productive in the midst of bankruptcy, divorce, demotion, depression and eviction.

My shield protects me...but I need my sword too.

You can’t just lay there and let life throw haymakers. Life adds more hardship to provoke you to fight.

Your shield protects...your sword progresses.


🔥No matter what’s going on in your life...you can still Make Shit happen...

But you gotta fight...shield (protects)...sword (advance).

🔥But that’s 1/2 of it...

You need a sanctuary too.

A place where you can physically or mentally exert yourself (jogging, golf, cooking) yet get away from the noise.

A place to breathe and get lost for a bit..

🔥Today’s episode is the creation of both your Shield & Sanctuary ...to find your wins...to fight...renew...& advance.

🔥Create yours today.

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