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Aug. 25, 2019

#403 What’s your volume at?

#403 What’s your volume at?

What’s your volume at..not in your vehicle or surround sound...

I’m talking about your volume...& your impact. What are you doing to amplify your year?

🔥Was this supposed to be your year...only it’s not?

🔥Or maybe this is your year! You, David, Kinny, William, & Mike all have had a kick ass year...

But there’s more....

Life is not balanced, it’s blended. Think of your life as one of those sound boards you find in a music studio. Not all of the dials are set equally, but the finished version blends perfectly.

When you think of life as one knob, you run hard at your dreams, yet let your health & relationships fail...or you accept life as it is and shelf your drive for bettering yourself.

Life will never be one dial or one thing...you’ll never reach the Promised Land once you lose the weight, get the promotion, make the money, or marry “the one.”

Adjustments always need to be made.

Because life’s not one dial...it’s a mix, remember? Always look at your board and make the necessary adjustments.

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