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Jan. 29, 2019

#355 Get your blunder on

#355 Get your blunder on
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You wouldn't think of blundering as a trait to success, but it is. Blundering through Life won't get you far, but blundering through your career will take you to a whole new level. Sometimes you have to take the leap and find your wings along the way. The road is not always well-lit; the path is rarely straight; the necessary skills aren't readily available....sometimes you have to blunder through to find your way to success. * Thanks for catching today's show. If you like what you hear, I need your help in spreading the message. Would you do me a solid and share an episode with someone else? Also a quick rating and a few words would be tha shiz too! Thanks for the love! Connect with me on Twitter @marshbuice and thesaleslife1@gmail.com.

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