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Jan. 4, 2019

#349 "Just another cold, dark night on the side of Everest"


I couldn't leave Dr. Kelly McGonigal's book, The Upside of Stress...Why stress if good for you and how you can get good at it, without sharing a relatable story with you. A grad student was frantically working alone late one night on her research paper when a knock came at the door. It was the IT guy-seeing her sitting in a heap of stress he peaked his head inside and said, "Just another cold, dark night on the side of Everest..."

*Nobody sets out to climb a mountain thinking it'll be easy and not cold. No one runs a marathon thinking that it'll be pain free. No one enters the arena not realizing they may fail. *You may find yourself on your mountain today. Maybe you chose the mountain...or maybe Everest chose you. But in either case this is your climb and you'll often have to go at it alone. Yes it's scary...I know you wish someone would help...no it's not fair...but this is your climb and it'll often be cold, dark, and lonely. But keep climbing!

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