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May 24, 2018

#196 How I exist in your reality

#196 How I exist in your reality
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Probably one of the most referenced to people on my podcast is Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell who wrote the book that later became a movie “Lone Survivor.” He said “People live in a reality that is unique to them. They build it themselves to make it perfect. The people that exist in other people’s realities are the ones who succeed..” We all think that our way is the right way..the right way to manage, parent, save, lose weight...we have the right way to pray, deal with others, and even know the right way to run the country..we live in our own reality- I have mine, but you have your reality too & we both think that we’re right. The key to success is how do you stay adaptable & fluid in Life to see how other people see..to suspend judgement and hold on to the notion that there’s more that you don’t know than do know.👉👉Thanks so much for tuning in..you can catch a video clip of the show on YouTube just search Marsh Buice & it should pop up.

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