Handle adversity. Embrace uncertainty. Never settle.


Sales is a profession, but selling is a mindset you can apply to every area of your life to embrace uncertainty, handle adversity, and never settle again. In my 24 years in sales, I've developed a selling mindset to defeat personal and professional disasters such as obesity, demotion, bankruptcy,  homelessness, and suicidal thoughts.

These disciplines are too valuable to keep only within the sales profession. My custom coaching program is designed to help build a better you. 

Bulletproof your mind to maximize your life. Join The Sales Life today!

Here's how it works: 

1️⃣ Elite Life Coaching:

♦️(60Min) Zoom(video)call per week

♦️Weekly Reflection/Core principles sheet

♦️Weekly Individualized Non Negotiable tasks

♦️Life, Sales Training & Personal growth focused Program 

♦️Custom Training Routine

♦️Custom Nutrition Plan

♦️24/7 support Thru my Private App


2️⃣ Life & Sales Training Elevation Program 


This is how it works...

♦️Once weekly 60+Min Video Calls For a Q&A with myself and the team to answer everything about Life/Sales Training.


♦️Daily Non-Negotiable Individualized Habits in My Private App


♦️I make you a custom daily workout routine with videos on my private training app.


♦️We talk about your goals, and I make your perfect meal plan which we track daily.