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Expect best case results using worst-case efforts.

"Expect for the best, but prepare for the worst," is what my friend who is a firefighter told me.
Firefighters don't respond to a call with "just enough" equipment. The call may seem routine, but the shifting sands of change can make a grease fire real gnarly, quick.
Often when setting a goal, you plan for routine, but don't account for the unexpected.
& when you're hit with the unknown and the unforeseeable, you give up on the goal & revert back to the same ole' justifying that "it wasn't the right time."
Set the expectations high, but work from a place of low.
For instance, instead of stretching to buy that thing you "have to have" 🎄 vowing to work overtime, mow yards, or crank up that t-shirt business, shrink the "must-have" into your worst-case budget.
If the economy shuts down, overtime is stripped out, a Noah's ark flood parks your mower, or no one is feeling your Live-Laugh-Love t-shirts, can you still afford to buy the thing that you have to have?
If the answer is NO, walk away. It'll be worth it later trust me.
If you want to lose 60 lbs and vow to hit it every day, but then all hell breaks loose at work causing you to have to work extra & longer-wrecking your perfect weight loss plan.
Instead of shrugging it till another January, create a theme with a cheat code :)
Here's how:
I started with "7 for 7" theme. Simple to remember & easy to shout out when I ain't feeling it.
7 workouts for 7 days. Here's your cheat:
Create margin for the unexpected. Some day's you'll be able to work out twice giving you a weekly bank to withdraw on the days you can't go.
Or if you set a goal to sell 30 units this month based on your "perfect" calculations you have to work with 75 customers (3/day), but there will be days of poor weather, ill health, or all-hell. Whatever your overall # is bump it 10-20%. (add 10-15 extra customers to the mix)
You can do this with any goal. Expect best-case results, but work with worst-case effort.
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